Top tips for surviving in DayZ

Top tips for surviving in DayZ

If you love games that challenge you to the extreme, you should play DayZ. For the unversed, in DayZ, the inevitable result is death. Even if you master all the skills and tricks up your sleeves, you cannot avoid being killed. It is all about how long you can survive the zombie apocalypse. 

This is one of the primary reasons that makes DayZ so popular. Before preparing to play the game, you should identify a robust DayZ server, as you don’t want to experience lag at a time when you are in the middle of a situation. Meanwhile, we have handpicked the best survival tips when you are in a state of despair. 

Another important note, if you are playing with friends, then make sure you get a TeamSpeak server. Ultimately, it will let you communicate with your friends, without alerting the enemies playing DayZ.  Do not worry, as TeamSpeak servers are available for rent at affordable prices. 

Collect Bandages

Collect Bandages

Well, if you thought, you can find bandages while roaming the city, you are wrong. You have to prepare it. Notice the items you have in hand when you spawn. You should have a T-shirt along with pants, a battery, and a flashlight. For making a bandage, you have to drag the T-shirt into the inventory and right-click on it. Eventually, you can now tear it into several rags. Use these rags as bandages when you get wounds. The rags will stop the blood and prolong your life.

Find a melee weapon

Keep your eyes open as you travel through various areas of the map, for locating a melee weapon. The best options are Splitting Axe, Pick Axe, and Fire-fighter Axe. For your information, all of the aforesaid weapons are best to kill the zombies. The specialty of these weapons, you need not make repeated blows, a single hit should be enough to kill a zombie.

Morphine can be a lifesaver

Chernarus is the place where you will be roaming. As already mentioned, danger looms in every step, and chances are, you are vulnerable to various injuries. For example, the likelihood of breaking a limb is common in DayZ. In such circumstances, the Morphine-Auto-Injector can help you heal faster. Else, you have to find a way out to visit the Wooden Splint for repairing your wounds.

Follow the actions of the zombie

As you know, by virtue a zombie will not recede until it attacks you. Sometimes, you will notice, the zombies despite being near you are moving in another direction. It is a signal that someone else is in town, and the zombies are after that person. In such situations, it is best to avoid them. Furthermore, it also enlightens you on the presence of your competitor, which should make you even more alert.

Avoid the roads

Avoid the roads 

It isn’t only the zombies who are after your blood, in DayZ there is a barge of enemies too. Roads are the worst idea for a player to move forward. Bandits travelling in vehicles rule the roads, and once they spot you on the road, you will become their easy target. Thus, use the woods for travelling; at least the number of threat counts will be lesser. Consequently, you will survive longer.

Wearing bright colors isn’t the best of ideas

Camouflaging is one of the best ways to extend your survival. Thus, avoid wearing dresses that can easily attract the eyes of the enemy. In your inventory, pick up the materials that help you to blend with the woods. The bottom line, you do not want to be an easy target just for your clothes. 

Refrain from revealing your presence

We understand, at some point in time, you will become desperate and try to attack the enemies. However, this isn’t a good idea at all in DayZ. We reiterate, your ambition of survival will be short-lived if you try and go all out. Earlier, we already highlighted the importance of camouflage, and to add to it, do whatever you can to remain out of sight of the enemies and other players. When moving forward, you will find various items like fences and bushes that will help you to stay undercover. 

Assess the surroundings before moving

Assess the surroundings before moving

Taking random steps forward isn’t going to prolong the death for long. Unless you closely inspect the surroundings and move forward, you can become a target. Watch out for traces of zombies or bandits, (you will find them conveniently), and once things look calm then only put your foot forward. 

Travel with less baggage but listen to the surroundings

The sole purpose of the bandits will be to loot your belongings. You can save yourself by moving with minimal items. When someone spots you, they will be sure after your life, so that they can arrest whatever you are carrying. Similarly, sharp ears will help you identify the presence of foes. Accordingly, you can choose either to attack or to avoid them. 

Wait for the right opportunities

Even if you land in trouble, do not lose your cool. So for instance, if you are at the gunpoint of the bandits, instead of attacking, surrender, and try to convince them for mercy. If you can prolong their attacks, they will become unmindful, but the zombies will seize the opportunity to attack them. It is the best opportunity for you to attack them and run for your life. 

The last words

As you can see, we have put in as much information we could to delay your death in DayZ. However, it can take some time for accustoming to all these tips and tricks. Play with patience, and some time or the other, you will surely finish the adventure. 

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