Welcome to DreamsWire.com. I am Nur, Owner & Founder of Dreams Wire. (This is me below!)

I am not that good at sports. I also don’t have many hobbies. But, one thing I am good at is eating and teaching people how to cook properly!

As I consider myself an epicure, I like to try out different & new recipes all the time. Not paragliding or trekking, trying out new recipes is what makes my blood boil with excitement!

When I teach people how to cook, they often get confused regarding how to use the proper cookware or bakeware. I know these things can be tricky and you’ll need to know the uses of cooking appliances properly.

However, that doesn’t mean learning about cookware or bakeware is boring or tough. In fact, it can be extremely exciting for any home cook. And that’s where Dreams Wire comes in.

Here at Dreams Wire, my plan is to teach people the basics of cooking. You’ll get to know what are the types of different cooking appliances, when to use what cookware, different types of pans and their uses, and so on!

Occasionally, I also share reviews of cookware & bakeware and express my personal opinion whether you should invest in them.

The goal of Dreams Wire is simple yet elegant- To Help You Become A Better Home Cook!

Have any questions? Contact me through my Contact Page and I’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for being a valuable member of our site!