Is Baby’s Breath Edible? Better To Maintain Distance!

Last week, we attended a wedding where my cousin accidentally ate Baby’s breath! She consumed it while taking a bite of the cake which caused her serious vomiting and diarrhea. 

Is baby’s breath edible? No! It is quite poisonous and can cause mild health risks. As the toxic flower causes gastrointestinal upset, it can raise health issues like vomiting or Diarrhea. 

When it comes to decoration, Baby’s breath is a rock star and it is widely used on different occasions. It is also used on cakes for decoration purposes. But, as the baby’s breath contains saponin, it is not good for humans or animals. So, it is better to maintain a distance to avoid this toxic flower. 

Still confused about the baby’s breath? Let’s scroll through our detailed guide for more details.

Is Baby’s Breath Edible Or Not?

Is Baby's Breath Edible Or Not?

Baby’s breath (Gypsophila Elegans) is not edible at all. Even if you consume it accidentally, this poisonous flower can cause minor gastrointestinal upset. Due to this reason, you may face serious health issues.

The toxicity of this flower is not ending here. It contains irritating sap that can cause rashes when the baby’s breath comes into contact with your skin. If you are sensitive to saponins, then this irritation will be a nightmare! 

So, it is better to use gloves while working with the flower. It can be used on cakes for decoration purposes but keep sure you have layers of barriers to avoid contact.

However, this baby’s breath is also poisonous for your pets too. Especially, if your cats or dogs chew or swallow it, they can get dehydrated because of vomiting and you may need to take them to the veterinarian.

What Happens If I Eat The Baby’s Breath?

What Happens If I Eat The Baby's Breath?

Eating baby’s breath flowers can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Baby’s breath flower is quite toxic and poisonous. Now, as the poisonous flower can harm the digestive system, it can cause vomiting. If you are taking a baby’s breath, continuous vomiting can also happen and it may lead to serious stomach damage. 

On top of that, this toxic flower can also irritate the nose. As a result, the scent of the baby’s breath flowers can cause asthma. Further, eating these poisonous flowers can cause diarrhea and harm to your health. So, it is better to avoid such toxic flowers.

Is Baby’s Breath Bad for The Skin?

Is Baby’s Breath Bad for The Skin?

Yes, it is bad for the skin and causes itching or irritation. If you need to handle the breath for wedding or birthday parties, let’s look at the details of the effect and treatment of the baby’s breath.

Effects On Skin

Most of Baby’s breath (Gypsophila Elegans) contains saponins, a chemical irritant dermatitis. Due to such chemicals, it can cause irritation or rashes when you come into contact with skin. 

Besides, the dried bloom of this toxic flower can irritate the eyes and nose. So, if you have a pre-existing asthma issue, it is better to maintain distance from the baby’s breath.

Treatment For Skin Irritation

As skin irritation is a short-term issue, no need to worry much. It is better to clean the area as quickly you get in contact. To get better results, use soap for quick cleaning.

Sometimes the rashes may get out of control. If such issues arise, call your doctor for a better prescription. Further, if you are sensitive to saponins, we suggest you use gloves while working with the baby’s breath. 

Is Baby Breath Toxic To Dogs?

Is Baby Breath Toxic To Dogs?

Yes, baby breath is toxic to dogs. As dogs like to eat the plant, the baby breath can poison the dog.

Now, the dog can eat the flowers through chewing. Due to the chewing, this plant can cause serious toxicity. So, it is better to check the symptoms before taking any medicine for your pet. 

If the symptoms are mild, you can give the medicine by yourself. No need to go to a veterinarian. Mild symptoms include vomiting or diarrhea. But, you have to be 100% sure that the symptoms are mild before medication.

Dogs can get dehydrated because of vomiting. To solve such issues, you have to provide some electrolytes to the dog. Also, you can give antiemetic medication for vomiting or diarrhea. But, if the situation gets worse, contact a veterinarian for a quick solution.

What Can I Do With The Baby’s Breath?

What Can I Do With The Baby's Breath?

As Baby’s Birth has a great demand in terms of decorative purpose, you can use it to make a garland, pomander, and wreath. It is also used in cake decoration. 

Let’s talk about the garland first. You can make Baby’s breath garland to add a romantic touch to the wedding or birthday decorations. A wreath or pomander from Baby’s breath can increase the beauty of the decoration on occasions like Christmas. But, use gloves to avoid contact while working with it. 

Can I Use Baby Breath In Cakes?

Can I Use Baby Breath In Cakes

Yes, you can use baby’s breath in cakes. But, you have to use it safely only for decoration purposes. To know how to use it, let’s scroll through a safe way. 

Most of the baby’s breath arrangements depend on the type of cake. If the cake is crumb-coated, you have to insert the flower tube in the center. It is better to clean the tube before use. 

Next, avoid blooms as they are highly toxic and even the touch can be poisonous. As a result, use the disc of clear acetate or cellophane. As this warping can act as a barrier, it will prevent contact with the cake. Then, fill up the tube with 2/4 water and place your baby’s breath in it.

But, the flower still has a risk of getting in contact with the cake. As the multiple layers of warping can hamper the looks of the cake. That is why you need to use an edible glaze spray for another layer of protection.

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Final Thoughts

Finally, we are at the end. In our detailed guide, we tried to cover all the necessary information about baby’s breath flowers. 

So, we hope the article will help to clarify that this flower is poisonous and not edible. Besides, we have added a few safe ways which you can use to decorate cakes with it.

Baby’s breath flower is quite toxic and poisonous that may lead to serious stomach damage. Also, this flower irritates the nose which can cause asthma. To keep you safe from such issues, it is better to maintain a distance with the baby’s breath!

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