Is Morning Glory Edible? Ways to Enjoy Your Whole Day!

Who doesn’t love a colorful fence for their garden? And it will look more enchanting if it is covered with beautiful flowers. Morning glory is the perfect vine for you if you want that fence. The fast-growing vine of morning glory not only covers your garden naturally but also decorates it with vibrant flowers. 

But is morning glory edible? Yes, it is. Morning glory not only attracts people or decorates your garden but also relieves your mind and cures headaches. You can grow morning glory without much effort. 

And if you are wondering how it will react in your body, we are here to answer that. So, let’s learn all about morning glory and enjoy its beauty to the fullest.

Is Morning Glory Edible?

Yes, morning glory is edible, and it has multiple uses. The root of the plant has diuretic properties, and the plant has been used as medicine for a long time. You can make tea by brewing the dry leaves of this plant. This tea works as a herbal healer and relaxes your nerves. It also helps you to treat headaches.

But it would be best if you were careful while handling morning glory seeds. The seeds contain similar compounds as LSD that can make you nauseous and create hallucinations. In some continents, these seeds are used for ritualistic purposes.

There are some relatives of morning glories that you can enjoy as tasty vegetables like water spinach, or sweet potato. These two vegetables are in the same plant family of morning glory and have been used as food for a long time.

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Are Morning Glories Poisonous?

No, morning glory is not a poisonous plant. You can eat the flowers or the leaves without any worries. However, you should not take morning glory seeds lightly.

Morning glory seeds contain lysergic acid hydroxymethyl amide, similar to LSD. Consuming these seeds can cause different types of symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, or hallucination. So, you should be careful about morning glory seeds and keep them away from kids.

What Are The Most Common Colors For Morning Glory?

The most common color for morning glory is in the range of blue and purple. However, Morning glory comes in a wide range of colors like white, orange, pink, purple, blue, and even black. Some of these even have multiple colors stripes on them.

There are dozens of varieties in morning glory. Different varieties come in different colors. For instance, one of the most common morning glory types is ‘grandpa ott,’ and you will find this flower in dark purple. You will find ‘harlequin mix’ in white, pink, and blue stripes. The ‘inkspots’ bloom in white, blue, and purple shades.

One of the rarest morning glory is the ‘yellow trumpet.’ The elegant yellow color of this flower will brighten your day. There’s also ‘Milky Way, ‘Orange Noah,’ and ‘Flying Saucer.’ These vibrant flowers will enhance the beauty of your garden ten folds.

When Does Morning Glory Bloom?

Morning glory usually blooms from early summer till the beginning of fall. It is the perfect vine to decorate your fence and add beautiful floral shapes to your garden. 

These yearly flowers do not like cold weather. So you will be able to enjoy the beauty of these flowers when the weather is warmer. You can grow morning glory quite easily and at a fast pace. So if you want to cover your garden or wall with morning glory vine, you can look forward to it.

How Can I Grow Morning Glory In My Garden?

How Can I Grow Morning Glory In My Garden

Planting and growing morning glory does not need a lot of attention. You can grow this plant in a relaxed mode. There are a few things you need to consider while growing morning glory.

  • Confirm the origin of the seeds. If you are not aware of the type of your seed, you might end up with some weeds that will hamper other plants’ growth.
  • Sow the seeds in early summer or late spring. Morning glory needs a lot of sunlight and warmth to grow properly. So it’s best to give the seed a suitable temperature to survive and spread.
  • Provide enough fertilizer and water. Don’t let the soil remain dry for long. 
  • Give a fence or support for the vine to climb.

Our Morning Glory And Bindweeds The Same?

No, they are not the same. Though they both are members of the same plant family, they are two different types of plants. In some countries, field bindweed is known as a type of morning glory.

Bindweed can be mistaken as a miniature version of a domestic morning glory flower. But these two plants are totally different. Morning glory and bindweed both grow rapidly and can spread among the nearby area easily. But the growth of bindweed can become quite risky.

The deep root and woody stem strangle out the branch of other vines and wipe out the competitors from the area. So, farmers need to be very cautious about bindweed.

What Are The Differences Between Morning Glory And Moonflower?

Morning glory and moonflower both are vines that grow quickly in your garden. 

Moonflowers usually bloom at night, are white in color, and have a strong, appealing scent. On the other hand, morning glories are day bloomers. You won’t find a strong smell in morning glory. 

Also, they come in a wide range of colors. Their vibrant appearance makes them desirable and attractive.

Though morning glory and moonflower come from the same family, they have some differences. At first sight, you might think that the moonflower is white morning glory. If you are not knowledgeable about flowers, you might confuse these two as the same.

Final Thoughts

Morning glory is a multi-purpose vine that can make your backyard beautiful, cheer you up, and even cure your headache. If you want to enjoy all these benefits, then learning about morning glory and taking care of them is totally worth it. If you have ever asked someone, “is morning glory edible?” and did not get the answer, I hope you have got your answer now.

Learning about morning glory, its benefits, and how to take care of it will help you to grow the plant and enjoy its maximum benefits. So, make your gardening more fruitful and effective with the knowledge and keep yourself safe.

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