A natural way of getting a cat or dog pee out of your carpets

There is no doubt that animals as pets bring joy to your life, not only joy but they become the part of your family. Mostly people treat their pets as their own kids and take care of them in the same manner. There are many things about the pets that makes you happy and feel blessed but at the same time it can be hectic too.

When we say that it can be hectic, we mean that you have to take care of their fur and pee. It is evident that everyone loves their cats and dogs, but the incidents of peeing on carpets happen more often. You have to deal with the pee on the carpet even if your pet is potty trained. Most of the trainers suggest that if you notice the dog going to act like it is going to pee on the carpet, you have to act immediately.

Bring the towels and clean the pee as soon as possible because it is not really hard top clean it when it’s not dried. Acting immediately would help because you can even put the towels underneath even before the dog is going to pee.

Why there is a need of natural way to clean the pee?

There is a very local reason behind it that why you have to use the natural ways instead of the chemical cleaners available in the market. The reason is that the pets either it’s a cat or a dog, they have a direct contact with the floor and carpet more than human because they lay down there, they rub their face there, they play etc.

They are always much closer to the carpets and floor and no one wants to expose their beloved pets to the harmful chemicals that are used in the cleaners of the floor. If you are one of those people that wants to avoid the contact of their pets with the harmful chemicals then you will be looking for the natural ways to clean up the pee without even hurting your pet.

The manufactured cleaners have harmful chemicals in it that can for sure effect your pet in many ways due to which it is suggested to avoid it. So the next time your puppy or cat accidentally pee on your carpet do not think of going for the manufactured chemicals think about the natural ways. There is doubt that the manufactured cleaners are an easy escape to clean the mess but on the other hand it can be harmful.

Why it is difficult to clean the pee stain?

The urine is easy to clean if it’s not dried up, but in case your pet did that when you were not present there and you were not able to clean it beforehand then it can leave a stain and smell too. The urine of the dog and cat has a strong small like ammonia that cannot be tolerated in the room and sometimes it can be very difficult to take care of. In order to make your room smell fresh again without even using the cleaners there are few natural ways that can help you do that. The ways are as follows:

In order to use the natural way to get rid of the stain and smell of the urine of the pets, you will be required to gather these following materials and you will have to follow the steps written below:

Gathering the materials:

  • Any sort of towels you can use paper towels as well, it is suggested that paper towel is the best option as it seems to work best.
  • You have to take vinegar and water in equal parts.
  • Take baking soda, because it is known for the quality of absorbing smell.
  • A vacuum

Step 1: You are not supposed to rub, Blot:

You have to use the paper towel in order to blot the stain and let it dry, you are not supposed to rub it because that is not the proper way to clean it but it will create more a mess. When you rub the stain with the help of a paper towel that spreads it even more and it will not help you attain the perfect cleaning.

If you are planning to do it by rubbing it because you think that it will work the best for you then you have to plan on re arranging your furniture in order to cover the stain because that is what going to happen. You have to pat the stain with the help of the paper towel to get rid of the stain properly.

In case you feel like that the paper towel you are using is not soaking the stain anymore then you have you replace it with another one.  Keep on patting the stain until the stain is dried up a little.

Step 2: Application of the vinegar

You have to take equal parts of water and vinegar in a bucket, then start on soaking the area with the help of the solution. Now the benefit of applying this solution is that when you apply this solution, the vinegar neutralizes the effect of ammonia and that leads to elimination of the smell.

Now comes the hard scrubbing, you have to scrub it hard because the urine will be properly cleaned by doing it so. In case you think that this solution is not helping to clean because the stain is stubborn then use 100% vinegar solution.

Step 3: Put on some baking soda:

Now comes the last step, you have to put baking soda mixed with a little bit of vinegar. You will notice it will start bursting and you have to let it be. Leave it on until it dries completely. As soon as it’s dried completely you will have to use the vacuum to clean it.

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We hope that this method will help you get rid of the stain and smell.

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