Why You Need More Than a Virtual Try-on for Successful Sales

Why You Need More Than a Virtual Try-on for Successful SalesThe last two years have changed the way retail stores work. Every store now has a home delivery service and digital payment systems. The situation (pandemic) has drastically changed the way people buy things.

And one of the most significant changes you can see is the virtual try-on of clothing and jewelry items. More industries are implementing this augmented reality (AR) tech for smoother and faster sales.

What do you mean by trying-on jewelry or clothes virtually?

This technology falls under augmented reality (AR). It lets customers try on an item on themselves virtually, i.e., without touching the product or going to the store. Companies that sell sunglasses, shoes, clothing, makeup, etc., are utilizing this technology to improve customer service.

What are the various types of virtual try-on?

Mobile Apps

The customers can use their mobile phones to look at themselves wearing the products like lipstick and earrings. It is a lot easier and time-saving for them, and if they like it, they can order in that instance.

In-store virtual fitting rooms

Here, you can see the combination of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. The item/product they (customers) wish to try will overlay on their live image, and they can see themselves wearing that item on the screen.

This feat is possible with smart mirrors, which are also known as smart displays or digital mirrors. These mirrors use AR and AI, and gesture recognition tech to overlay clothing or ace products on the person’s image.

Desktop try-on plugins

Customers can use their photos or live webcam feed to see if the product fits or not. It is beneficial, as they can try and order products by being in the comfort of their house.

How will your business benefit from this technology?

Every emerging technology aims to make an engaging, personalized, and easy decision-making environment for customers, both while shopping in-store and online.

The benefits of this technology can be listed as below:

  • More online sales
  • Fewer returns of sold products
  • Boosts customers’ desire to buy
  • Increased value of clients and customers

It is not that easy to implement AR technology and improve sales all of a sudden.

This tech has surely impacted the businesses that adopted it, still, the quality and ease of use of these tech matter a lot. Earlier, at the beginning of the adaptation of this technology, the customer experience was not that good.

Many brands stopped the use of AR for a while. But, today, technology has advanced farther than expected. They have the following advantages, which the older versions lacked.

  • Organized cloud infrastructure
  • Regular optimum lightning
  • High processing capacity
  • Latest hardware and software

You need to check for the features mentioned above before installing the AR in your organization. Installation of old or poor technology will impact your business in a negative way. It is better not to have those techs than to have an inferior downgraded version.

Should you consider this technology for your business?

The virtual-try-on is the new way to do business amidst this pandemic, and there’s no doubt that this will be the next big tech the industries are going to embrace.

Before implementing these technologies, one must think of their features, quality, and their effect on your business. Technology is used by every company to achieve specific results and augmented reality is gradually becoming imperative for customer satisfaction.

What’s the future of this technology?

The virtual try-on will be the next big thing in every industry. It is an excellent tool for a better customer experience in in-store and online purchases.

Like any other technology, AR and AI are the means to achieve the desired goals, not the ultimate goal. This technology can also be utilized to assist your business to achieve many milestones.

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