Build the Best Online Shopping Cart with a Renowned Online Store Builder

There are a number of online store builders which claim to provide you solutions that could be UX optimized, would fetch a hell of lot of returns on investments, better customer journey, better usability of both the store owner and their respective vendors and end buyers. But, none of them actually do so. The list of such platforms is huge but the most prominent ones have successfully turned out into fooling people around who are enthusiastic about starting up with this journey of owning, maintaining, regulating, and lastly earning profits through their online shopping cart.

The list includes Shopify, WooCommerce, X-cart, CS-Cart, BigCommerce, NopCommerce, Magento, Hikashop, Hikamart, Sharetribe, Virtuemart, J2 Store, Prestashop, Dokan, and various third-party service providers.  In fact, none of them is fully reliable and robust to ever-changing future requirements. In order to provide essential eCommerce features which are future-proof, a platform has to be highly analytical, vast vision, and is on a strong mission to envisaging the future needs of the market and providing the best every time.

Online Store Builder

Platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce tend to mislead their subscribers or site visitors by hiding the information that they aren’t the multi-vendor eCommerce solutions provider. Such platforms need to remember that information made hidden from the end-user is nothing but a lie being spoken. You may earn one-time with such practices but as soon as the user wants to scale up their marketplace they will have to either completely move to a newer platform by creating everything from scratch or incorporate the third-party development services to support their marketplace in compliance to these unsupported platforms.

The user journey when mapped becomes full of pain and sorrow when one uses the above-mentioned platforms. Moreover, these platforms do not provide the frontend template to let the user kick start their online marketplace. 

The Best Online Store Builder to Create an ideal Online Shopping Cart

There is one and only one online store builder which lets its subscribers create a b2b, b2c, or c2c – niche or multi-vendor marketplace with no initial creation or operational cost. This platform is popularly known as Sellacious. It has more than 5000 essential eCommerce features for anyone who wishes to create, operate, maintain, regularise, monitor their own PWA compliant and omnichannel model-based( if they want to) marketplace. 

This platform has more than nine UX and SEO/SMO optimized front-end templates to let anyone create their own marketplace from scratch without any prior experience or technical knowledge of creating and handling it. There are two other versions as well with the platform – named as lifetime version and the enterprise version. You can scale your marketplace subsequently by selecting the subscription package of your choice. 

For example with the lifetime product, you get the provision to upload up to 200K products and their variants at your store, including that of your registered vendors(in case you are operating a multi-vendor store), and get access to many prime front end templates provided by the platform and development team itself. When you go on scaling your marketplace as the traffic tends to increase on it, seeing at the need of the hour you could also scale up to the top-notch ‘enterprise’ version. This version is the father of any other platform when it comes to providing flexibility, agility, robustness, performance, and reliability.

The performance you achieve by subscribing to this version is far better than anyone opting for any third-party plugin, hosting environments, and shared resources, like that from Amazon AWS, or any other online store builder. You, as a store owner, get the complete liberty to upload as many products as you want and also could permit your registered vendors to do so. With this, you could also earn profit by providing more variety to your user and earning profits through custom subscriptions which you can create for the various tier of vendors, sales, and commissions on those sales. 

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The globally available community support and round-the-clock available customer and in-house development support team ensure that you as a store owner and regulator need not face any sort of hassle while creating or operating your marketplace. With the advent of increasing digital purchasing power of the audience, it’s high time that you think of switching to something reliable and legitimate in the eCommerce industry. Nothing could be better than Sellacious. Try it now!

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