Which Used Pickup is Ideal for You?

When it comes to pickups, people are opting for different used Chevrolet pickups according to their needs.

There are so many choices when it comes to used trucks that it is difficult to pick one without any knowledge about it.

So, below mentioned are two categories of pickups from Chevrolet mid-size to heavy-duty ones. You can go through their details and determine which one to purchase.

Once you know which one to get, simply visit Prescott Valley used truck dealer and get the version your desire.

Colorado and Silverado 1500

Two of the most selling trucks from Chevrolet is Colorado in mid-size category andSilverado 1500 in full-size segment.

Colorado is known for its superior handling that is better than most of its competitors. Moreover, people can get a pre-owned Colorado’s base model within $15k or less depending on the generation he/she opts for.

Also, if you want the higher-end trims that sport remarkable interior, it will cost much lesser than what one needs to pay for a new one.

V6 or a diesel variant is what one’s Colorado can be equipped with. The diesel variant is sold the most due to its fuel efficiency and remarkable torque, while the V6 attracts the people who want a pickup with outstanding horsepower.

The Silverado 1500 is a truck for people looking for a full-size model. A new one will cost much more than a new Colorado for many reasons.

It is a full-size truck, while Colorado is a mid-size and Silverado 1500 comes with an interior that will amaze anyone.

A new Silverado 1500 will cost over $30k for the base model while the top-trims will cost well over $50k.

It also comes with several powertrain options that include diesel variants, different V8s, turbocharged engines, etc.

Hence, always opt for a used Silverado 1500 as you can get top trims within $0k to $40k depending on its generation.

Silverado HD Series

If you are looking for a heavy-duty vehicle that comes with ample towing capacity but won’t cost much, then a used Silverado 2500 HD or 3500 HD is the pickup one should get.

It is one of the best pickups in the market that will serve an owner flawlessly for decades.

Every model is equipped with a powerful engine meaning it can tow and perform superbly.

Though a new one will cost at least $37,500 (base model), you can get your hands on higher-end trims like High Country within $50k or so, if you decide to get pre-owned Silverado HD from a used truck dealer.

Moreover, the interior of this vehicle is classy making it ideal for commercial or personal use, even if one buys a pre-owned variant.

Now you know the details and are aware of your requirements. Simply check now which used Chevy pickup model will fulfill your needs and get it today from your nearest pre-owned certified truck resellers.

Just remember to opt for used Chevy trucks as they are reliable and there is a truck available for every activity!

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