What You Must Know About Wishing Well Weddings

You’ve heard of the Wooden Wishing Well Wedding, but are you aware of everything it has to offer? The Wooden Wishing Well Wedding allows you to collect wish cards from your guests that will be placed into a wishing well during your wedding ceremony or reception. These cards represent the wishes of your guests and family members, ranging from wishing you both happiness in marriage to wishing you financial prosperity to even providing helpful advice on how to stay in touch after the wedding so they can always be in your life. Here are some more things you need to know about Wishing Well Weddings.

They Can Be Divisive

As with anything, your friends and family may not be as excited as you are about a wishing well wedding. The concept doesn’t fit in with traditional nuptials and can even appear disrespectful to some people. Many who love it will still say that wishing wells aren’t for them, but there is nothing wrong with having an untraditional wedding and unique elements like these can add a lot of charm. Just remember that you don’t need to do it if it doesn’t feel right for you or your partner or guests. It isn’t uncommon for some couples to pick parts of wishing well weddings that they enjoy, while ignoring others that are less their style.

Set It In A Quiet Place At Your Reception

A wedding wishing well is a charming way to keep your guests entertained. Each guest can write their wish for you on a note card, and place it in your well. What could be better than making your friends, family, and guests happy? If you are searching for unique wedding decor ideas that will make your guests feel at home at your special day, then an elegant wedding wishing well is an inexpensive way to go. The best part of all is that it doesn’t cost much to build or use—and you can even create one out of repurposed materials!


wooden wishing well wedding
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How Much Money Should You Put In It?

If you’re going to use a wishing well, or a wedding box as it is also known, you might want to think about how much money you should put in it. It’s a tricky one because it can end up being more awkward if there isn’t enough money for your guests to give, but on the other hand if there is too much you may find that people take more than they need and less from elsewhere. The best thing to do is try and budget as well as possible beforehand. This is how you can put as much or as little into your wedding wishing well or box that fits with your budget, rather than worrying afterwards that maybe there was too little in it.

And How Do You Let Your Guests Know About Its Existence?

After they are seated, have your ushers or bridesmaids pass out small cards with your name on them. The card should say something along these lines: Because you are important to our family and friends, please feel free to offer a donation in honor of our wedding day. We will be adding money to our Wishing Well Box throughout our big day. All donations will go towards supporting the event. Then let them know that at some point during your ceremony, you’ll announce how much has been collected thus far.

Show Guests Where The Money Went

Whether it’s your wedding or someone else’s, guests love seeing how their money is used. That is where guests write down what they would like to see spent on them and you can do just that with your newlywed budget. Guests will feel connected to the day by knowing exactly where their dollars went—and who knows, maybe they might be inspired to copy something for their own special day! It’s important to be transparent about costs so that guests aren’t taken aback by any unexpected expenses later. After all, that is why they are donating in the first place: because they want you two to have an amazing time on your special day without worrying about money.

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