The Role of a Website Usability Tester

Usability testing is a process of assessing the functions and performance of a product or website. Therefore, website usability testing is a way of determining the ease of using a website. In this test, real users are asked to perform certain tasks on the website. During the test, the observers or researchers evaluate the experience of the users by listening to them and recording their actions. This test helps to identify whether the users face any usability issues. The usability testing is also effective to recognize the opportunities for further improvement of the website. Therefore, the role of the website usability testers is to assess the design, functionality, and performance of the website using an internet connection. They test every step by step and taking notes if there is anything error. They will list out all kind of errors. This is a very vital role to develop an application.  You can say any application will be success or not it depends on the tester.

Website Usability Tester:

A website usability tester generally imagines being a real user of the website. The website testers are responsible for providing feedback about the design, functionality, and performance of the website. They perform certain tasks on the website that they are assigned to do. During the tasks, they provide feedback about the ease of navigation of the website. A website usability tester requires a desktop, laptop, or a mobile device, an effective internet connection, and a microphone to record his voice. Being a website usability tester, you can earn a lot of money. However, you have to be very much responsible for providing proper and clear feedback.

Your voice, computer screen, tasks, clicks, and actions of the mouse- everything will be recorded through the recording system. Therefore, when the website owner or any researcher of an organization will view the recordings, he or she will understand your reaction to the website. Therefore, through this usability testing, an organization can understand how the users view their website and what they should do to improve the satisfaction of the users.


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Benefits of Usability Testing:

There are several benefits to test a website through usability testing such as-
1) The website owner can understand how users face problems to fulfill the tasks. If a user requires multiple steps to complete a task this indicates that the website should be built more straightforward to improve the ease of navigation.

2) Direct feedback helps to evaluate the needs and satisfaction of the users.

3) A usability test helps to find out the minor errors as well as the major issues and bugs.

4) In order to identify the opportunities for the improvement of the website’s performance and the satisfaction of the users, this testing method is effective.


Skills of a Website Usability Tester:

The most important skill of a website usability tester is the ability to express his or her thoughts and experience thoroughly. Besides this, website usability testers should be able to follow the instructions accurately. However, they should also have some basic skills such as IT literacy and multi-tasking ability. As the testers pretend to be real users, they need to make recommendations to improve their satisfaction. However, you do not need to show any work experience to get the opportunity of testing a website. But you should keep in mind that it is very necessary important task. Testing will decide that the website or application is success or not. If not what are the errors. And after that the development team will look after that errors and work again. Again the tester will work and get back to coder. This is how the coder and development team work together.



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