6 points you must consider for a successful web development

Technological advance influences most of today’s businesses and undertakings, it encourages the creation of a digital platform that provides greater benefits. Customers first need a web page and turn to the relevant tools that work web development.

Gaining visibility, being recognized by users, increasing sales and brand positioning are the main benefits of digitizing a business. It is the key to success and the bare minimum to promote access to resources such as relevant information, time optimization and customer service.

The keys to a successful web development

Once you have taken the step to decide to hire a web development company, the following considerations must be taken into account:

1. Platform

There are two types of possible edges for web platforms: use existing tools that allow creation or resort to a custom design from scratch. For the first option, there are solutions such as WordPress, Wix, Joomla and Jimdo, without tools for companies that do not have a budget for web development, however, for those who have a minimum budget for digital areas or as it takes off. the business, the best alternative is the second.

For an already structured company and especially for those who see the opportunity that digital transformation constitutes, they should consider developing platforms and web applications tailored to their needs, allowing connections to internal ERP, CRM, etc. systems that require more specific functionalities.

2. Budget

The cost of web application development varies based on the functions, objectives, and dimensions required. Therefore, it is prudent to consider preparing a budget considering, among others, the following aspects:

  • Web design (including, for example, the desired level of customization)
  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Security (for example, certificates and tracking)
  • Maintenance (solve bugs or incorporate new functionalities)
  • Content management and development
  • Integration to systems (for example internal ERP type, or inhouse via API or Web Services)
  • Marketing (for example, SEO positioning)

The applications web can be developed in phases, which helps a lot to implement specific methodologies. Agile methodology is one of these and has been gaining ground in software development due to its effectiveness, helping to optimize expenses more intelligently and add new functionalities to the project in a more timely manner.

web development

3. Technologies

In case you decide on a development from scratch, it is essential to choose the right technologies. Therefore, technologies such as:

  • HTML5 and CCS3 markup language (required).
  • Programming language for the web for the client JavaScript, Angular or React JS.
  • Programming language for the web server: Java, Node JS, Python or any other language implemented in its most stable version.
  •     Online store , if required.

4. Server

This is where the web will be hosted. It is important that it is a stable server that is always available and has adequate load times, for which it is recommended to use a provider specialized in cloud servers.

Indeed, it is estimated that 81% of companies have started to implement a multicloud strategy ; Likewise, it is estimated that 67% of the business infrastructure will be based on the cloud by the end of 2020. For this reason, it is essential to have the services of a cloud computing provider, which allows to store all the data of the website and makes tests during the development.

5. Architecture and type of documentation

It refers to how the pages will be distributed witweb developmenthin the website, how the navigation will be. The user experience will be determined by good information management and the structure that is given to it. Likewise, the latest technologies and languages ​​related to web architecture must be known in detail.

Likewise, it can be very useful to consider the importance of generating specific documentation for each project. This can be used for future requirements, or when you stop working with a specific agency and migrate to the services of another.

6. Work team

It is necessary to evaluate if the team to be hired offers comprehensive services for the entire project: web designers, programmers, testers, managers and others. Or if you have to hire several specialists who work together, each in their specific areas.

In that sense, an IT staff team can constitute a reliable and efficient solution.

Relevance of the web design and development company

The development of web applications will be correct or not to the extent that the professionals are trained. In addition, communication between all parties will be vital for the relevant functions to be fulfilled. The image of the company depends on this.

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