Top footwear trends to look out for in 2022

With summers knocking at the door and the activities on the rise, the best footwear suggestion for 2020 summer would probably help to deal with the heat of the day-long hassle. It’s that time of the year, where you may stock up your shoe rack with everyday shoe wear options. But, what are the type of shoes that you shall stock? Scroll through the article to get hold of some of the amazing shoe suggestions.


Boots to rock and roll everywhere

Boots have been underrated in terms of their usage on different occasions. They aren’t just classy and sophisticated shoe wear but, they can also be included in the most glamorous type of shoe wear. They enhance the overall look of the ensemble in a most subtle way. People often avoid wearing it to formal meetings and offices, but you should always dress up to reflect on your personality and desire. Wearing boots would automatically accentuate your confidence. Wear it with a jacket and tight hugged shirt and jeans to make you stand out from the crowd.


Heeled Loafers

The heeled loafers have been regarded as a staple in our wardrobe. You can find a good collection of heeled loafers at The new variety of heeled loafers gives girls an amazing look by just wearing these loafers. It looks perfect even with ethnic dresses, while it imparts a sexy look to the western attire.


Enclosed platforms

Sneakers have been in trend for quite some time. They give you flexibility and comfort at any place and at any occasion. Sneaker platform works with all kinds of attires, from long dresses to westerns. The platform version of the sneakers gives an edge to your look along with elevated style and height.


Tie up Espadrilles or sandals

Liberty to walk freely with confidence is something, which every woman wants. Espadrilles give an impeccable look to your attire and work wonders under several western and ethnic ensembles. With summer 2020, you can definitely go for different versions of sandals, ranging from straps to wedges and heel ankle strap sandals.


Platform with straps

If you aren’t comfortable with elevated style platforms or sandals then you may go for thins strap platforms. They are easy to carry and comfortable if you get stuck in unpredicted weather conditions. Slip it on and walk without any hassle or discomfort at your heels.



Sandals with embellishment

You might think that the embellishments have become outdated and would probably make you look old-fashioned if worn on a day out with friends. But, the ones available at best ladies footwear brands in India have been adding an eye-catchy twist to the sandals with embellishments. These trendy sandals are affordable yet make your entire look expensive. They are available in different tantalizing colors and straps imparting a trendsetting look.


Make the best of the summer by adding these types of footwear to your collection. It is also important to make sure that the footwear is cleaned and taken care of for future usage.

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