Tactics Your Spouse May Be Using To Stall The Divorce Process

Everything about a divorce is difficult, from making the painful decision to going through the entire procedure. While the divorce goes smoothly without any disturbances in many cases, it is not the same for most couples. Many people try to stall the process purposefully by using delay tactics.

It is important that you know what these tactics are so you can identify them when it happens to you. Divorces are expensive and emotionally draining, and longer divorces can be worse. Consult with an Alabama divorce attorney to be protected from your ex’s tactics. 

Tactics your spouse may be used to stall the divorce process

  1. Abusing the discovery process. 

During the discovery process, the two parties discover facts about each other’s cases by asking for documents and answers. While both sides can ask for any evidence they want to, sometimes people drag out the process by filing excessive motions and requests. They may ask you to produce a lot of information at once or ask them phase by phase to stall the process. 

  1. Canceling or rescheduling. 

Emergencies can happen with anyone and anytime. Therefore, Alabama law has allowed people to cancel or reschedule their court hearings or mediation dates. Your ex-spouse may abuse this opportunity to stall the process; that is, they may purposefully cancel and reschedule even if they do not have anything urgent to do that day. 

  1. Frequently changing lawyers. 

When parties change lawyers in the middle of the case, it can lengthen the process significantly. Your spouse may have legitimate reasons to do this, but if they continuously try to look for new representation, they may be delaying the process. Whenever they search for a new attorney, your case is put on hold. 

  1. Going back on their word. 

Divorce usually involves the spouses trying to agree on the terms verbally. If you and your spouse have discussed the terms and arrived at an agreement before, but they keep going back on their word during the divorce process, it is a red flag. Usually, when a spouse wants to delay the process, they will create problems and go against an agreement that they agreed to earlier.

  1. Refusal to return emails or phone calls. 

Your ex may try to avoid you by not returning your emails and phone calls when you notify them about the divorce or hearings. In many cases, spouses do not even answer the door when people knock. These types of tactics are especially annoying as you may be unable to move forward with the divorce if you cannot speak with your spouse. 

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