What is Field Service?

Field Service Software

Field service is a term used to describe jobs carried out on the field, in contrast to the property of the company. Field service involves dispatching employees as well as contractors to certain areas (typically the location of the customer) to install, sell or repair the equipment and systems.

Field service professionals, also known as field employees, are typically technicians who offer highly skilled, specialized, or even exclusive services to industrial or commercial customers.

When individuals think about the field services industry they envision installing cable TV or seeing an electrician working on a power line that has been damaged. But the field service market is quickly changing to include a greater variety of employees who are diskless including salespeople, health workers inspectors, salespeople, and many more. In reality, 80 percent of the workforce in the world is now deskless. field service is expanding to the areas of education, healthcare, and hospitality as well as other areas.

What exactly is Field Service Software?

Since field service management combines numerous essential tasks in a multi-faceted workforce, modern companies utilize the field services software to keep up with the times. Software for field service and mobile applications are created to improve communications, automate scheduling and enhance the dispatching process and general information sharing between field employees and the back office.

Field service software tools need to be flexible, like real-time communication with deskless workers as well as seamless dispatching and scheduling for new projects to increase productivity and keep pace with the ever-changing environment that is the field service business.

What does a successful Field Service Operation Look Like?

In the present business environment, there is greater competition and customers’ expectations are rising. Field service operations should be agile so that your employees can deliver exceptional service in a flash and your customers understand what they can expect from the personnel working on the field.

A field service operation that is successful must include:

  • mobile-first. Deskless workers should be able complete their jobs without jumping over hoops. Be sure that you have FSM equipment that is easily accessible (and fully compatible) with the tools your employees utilize on the field, which includes their phones.
  • Integrated with different systems. Whichever FSM solution is, it should be compatible with other systems you employ. Check that your field service operations work in conjunction with your HR, CRM systems to record your IT systems, software for payroll, etc.
  • The ability to capture data in real-time. In the past administrators were still in the dark until field workers returned after a day’s work with stacks of documents that had been signed. Modern FSM systems must transmit information in real-time to ensure that your back office will always be updated with the latest data.

The successful field service management process is different in various business models and industries. Certain aspects of FSM like monitoring the location of equipment owned by companies are essential for certain organizations, but they are not a top priority for other organizations. Get together with your stakeholders – both external and internal to determine the priorities of your business and make sure that your FSM solution includes the tools you require the most.

Select the Right Field Service Management Software:

If you’re trying to improve the way you manage the field service operations of your company You’ll require Field Service Management software which gives you the appropriate tools for desk-based workers. A good field service management system can streamline schedules, improve communication, improve productivity, and much more, all from one central area.

Find out more about what you should be looking for in field service management software or request a demonstration to test Skedulo’s field dispatching and scheduling software in action.

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