Some Myths About Yoga That Are Not True

Being an ancient practice, yoga is a victim of many rumors or myths. People lack a basic understanding of numerous concepts of yoga. Thus, it gives birth to many myths about yoga. Hence, you must expand your vision and learn about different aspects of yoga.

Learning more and more is going to help you be aware of rumors and myths about yoga. So, without wasting a second, check out the following myths about yoga. Read on.

Myths About Yoga: Common Misconceptions

Religion Governs Yoga

No doubt the art of yoga has various elements that are there in other religions as well. For instance, the books taught in yoga practice have greater significance in a particular religion.

However, that does not mean religion has sole authority over yoga. The art of yoga deals with spirituality. Therefore, it is open to every being residing in this world.

Yoga is Only Yoga Pose

May yoga practitioners have this misconception in their minds that yoga is only yoga poses. They believe practicing yoga poses will help them become a yoga master.

However, when you join a yoga fitness center, you come across different elements of yoga. For instance, meditation practice, Pranayama, Yoga Alignment, Human Body Anatomy, and many more.

Bookish Knowledge is Supreme

Plenty of yoga practitioners are just burying their heads in yoga books. They become well-versed in all the theoretical concepts of yoga.

However, when it comes to yoga practice, they lack even the basic knowledge. So, believing bookish language is superior is one of the myths about yoga that is not true.

Be Flexible

The greatest myth about yoga is that you have to be flexible to practice yoga. However, that is not true. Rather, you gain flexibility and agility when you make yoga a part of your life.

Furthermore, practicing yoga stretches your limbs that help you getting into a perfect posture. In short, you do not need to be flexible rather you can begin a yoga practice at any practice level.

Only Young Can Do

One of the myths about yoga is that only young people are entitled to do yoga. However, that is not true. When you join a yoga course, you might across people from all walks of life.

Moreover, adults have a higher risk of stress. So, they can practice yoga poses for anxiety and panic attacks. Further, old people can stay mobile with regular practice of various elements of yoga.

Need More Time

In contemporary times, people lack time at their hands. They are always in hurry and rushing towards something unknown. That is why they are always ready for physical exercise that needs the least amount of time.

In their scope, the art of yoga is time-consuming. It is one of the biggest myths about yoga. Rather, you can practice yoga in a fraction of minutes. While waiting for the bus, sitting in your office, playing in the field, and many other places can be your ground to practice yoga.

Become a Sadhu

Many believe that you need to change the way you live to practice yoga. In short, people believe that they should be Sadhus to practice yoga.

This is far from the truth. Anyone can practice yoga despite their occupation or status in life. All it takes is seriousness and will to master the art. Yoga poses for male fertility.

You don’t even need to change what you do. Rather, you can simply learn from a yoga master and then practice it as per your desire.

Yoga is Not Safe

By witnessing great yoga masters showcasing their abilities to mold their bodies, newbie yoga practitioners think it is not safe.

They believe it would damage their joints, boost their aging, and lead to injuries. However, little do they know is that practicing yoga is perfectly safe and beneficial.

You become stronger, flexible, agile, mobile, and mindful. In short, every dimension of your life blooms with the regular practice of yoga.

Sum Up

As you can see, there are many myths about yoga. However, not a single one mentioned above is true. The art of yoga overlaps each aspect of life in general. All you need is knowledge about yoga and its various practices.

For that, you can join a certified yoga course and train under the guidance of yoga masters. Over time, you are going to become the master of the art and debunk all the myths about yoga yourself.

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