My Hero Academia Manga Vs Anime

Every person is in search of superpowers. A man gets an influence by watching movies about superheroes. This influence plays a key role in arousing curiosity in him to struggle in search of superpowers.

A superhero is an influential personality and dominating over a normal person. In our society Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Aquaman, Flash, Wonder woman, etc are superheroes influencing our young minds. Different movies are in the market about these superheroes.

Every movie has a specific story and its direction is attractive to viewers. In all the movies a specific hero is securing the people from the destruction of the villain. These movies were also released in anime form entertaining the kids and giving them knowledge about these superheroes.

Kids watch these anime happily. Anime form is a brilliant source for preaching the story of the movie to kids. Superheroes are dominant creatures getting the superpower incidentally just like Spiderman who got superpowers like a spider by biting of a transgenic spider and some superheroes got powers by the use of science and technology. Batman is one of them who has access to technology in a better way.

Superpowers are also a cause of destruction in reality just like America is a superpower and China is an emerging superpower in real sense. Both these countries are struggling day and night for the progress of their economy and increasing their military power. In this race of getting dominancy, they are at risk of war. But In short, Every person wants some powers for become dominant over others.

. Following this scenario, A Manga series, The My Hero Academia Manga, is a wonderful story of a little boy wanting to become a superhero. This series consists of 5 seasons and total  113 episodes. This complete series consists of 32 volumes. Kohei Horikoshi is the author of this complete series.

Manga has more specialty than anime. The discussion of the My Hero Academia Manga Vs Anime can take longer but the main review about this discussion is that Manga is more advance than anime.

For My Hero Academia Manga vs Anime discussion the five seasons of the Manga series My Hero Academia Manga is a major example of changes and advancement in the anime industry. In these five seasons, Izuku Midoriya, a boy who came to this world without superpowers and he was a common man without any superpowers.

When he grew up he was dreaming to become a superhero. He was searched by Japan’s Famous and brave hero All Might. He made Izuku his successor and afterward he helped Izuku to enroll himself in Japan renowned school.

This Manga series is falling in the category of adventure and fantasy. These seasons can make a sense of advancement in animes and make a strong agreement for the discussion of My Hero Academia of Manga vs Anime. These all five seasons are worth watching and you will like the story of Izuku struggle. These 5 seasons of the Manga series are highly recommended.





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