Benefits of Joomla as a CMS

CMS are more fashionable than ever. Thanks to the number of models that there are, we can have our website with a very attractive look and that rewards everyone entering to read us. Although WordPress is still the one that best fits in all its versions, the truth is that Joomla is there, in the shadows and causing many people to switch to it.

Joomla features make the webmaster more comfortable with some of the activities he has to do. Although it is not as intuitive as WP and perhaps, for things that are considered medium / basic level we have to know something about programming, its quality and the wide variety of professional templates available have also been valued. Would you like to know why everyone likes it right now?

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What are the advantages of using Joomla in a web project?

For those who have been using this CMS for a long time, Joomla may be the best CMS that has ever been managed. As with any other computer material that is visible to all, opinions are very diverse and subjective depending on who is the person who has been testing it.

The advantages of this over the rest are usually quite remarkable but we must also be used to the CMS mechanism and what the ultimate guarantees are. Joomla’s strengths are many but we still have to be close to them to see what they are and how they are valued. Next, we leave you with a series of advantages that may make you change your mind:

Content management

Joomla has many features for content management. Although it is true that for simple blogs many webmasters prefer WordPress, if they had known closely the options that this CMS has, perhaps they would have thought better of it. Menus, articles, categories and labels are some of the options that we have available and that are worth discovering. Have you tried them?

Standard interface

Joomla is not a complex CMS. Its interface is quite simple and we achieve with it that the contents and / or pages can be selected in a standard way and with very good organization. Anyone can start their blog from scratch here without having to be related to programming.

Joomla Templates

The variety of free Joomla templates is another of the great attractions of the CMS. Whatever the characteristics that your website is going to have, you will always have a good theme so that you can have your space quickly and without any problems in this regard. For those who do not want complications, this option is simply perfect.

Users Management

Joomla is also perfect for those web pages that are formed from a team. The user administration that the webmaster can do from here is masterful and therefore more and more are passing their content here in order to make everything much easier.

International language support

This CMS can be used anywhere in the world. The great variety of languages ​​that your system can support allows people from any country to enjoy the great advantages that Joomla has and, of course, take advantage of each one of them. Still not clear that you should try it?

Where can I find the Joomla CMS?

Once we have known all the benefits that a CMS like Joomla has, surely you have wondered where you can get it from to install it in your project and start using all the advantages it has. Like its brothers and competitors, WordPress and Drupal; This can be easily downloaded from the Internet and with an automatic installation that we will not have to worry about.

Anyone with a minimum of computer and / or Internet knowledge can get Joomla and enjoy everything that is offered from the first moment. If we do not know programming but we really want to tell the world what our new research is or what we know about a specific topic, we should not despair in the least.

A recommendation that is always made is to locate a good hosting for Joomla so that you can rest assured that even the hosting of the project that you have with this CMS, is well achieved and you can thus enjoy all the guarantees in full. We know that the manager has very good guarantees, so if we want to take advantage of them, the ideal is that we always have good harmony.

Joomla is a system that began in 2005. After more than ten years in the market, the guarantees on its installation and use speak for themselves. Written in PHP, it is, along with WordPress, the most used of all. With continual updates, we know we have a pretty noble team to trust in this one.

Don’t think too much about it! If you look around the net you will realize that there are many specialized web pages and blogs that are ordered in Joomla and that today have an atrocious success. All those people who want to design their space and make the world see that they dominate a subject have here a friend they can count on.

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