Shroud’s Reasons for preferring Apex Legends to Warzone

Shroud is one of the famous names in the gaming industry. Many young gamers get influenced by his style of gaming and the way he plays and beats his enemies. Lots of users play Apex Legends by copying his settings and modes. It is his outstanding performance that generates so many followers around the world. Every follower of Shroud wants to know his opinion on the gaming world. 


That’s why we have come up with this guide. The most common question of Shroud’s reasons for preferring Apex Legends to Warzone will be answered here. So, make sure to get into the guide below to learn more on this topic. We will together figure out why Shroud is more inclined towards Apex than Warzone. Now, let’s start with this guide. 


Shroud’s Reasons for preferring Apex Legends to Warzone

Shroud leaves a popular remark in the gaming world. Many youngsters and gamers follow his opinion on different games and winning strategies. As a player of a battle royale game, many want to ask him about the differences between Apex Legends and Warzone. So, here is Shroud’s opinion about these two different games. 

Apex Legends has more Fun

Once asked this question, Shroud came up with the opinion that Warzone is not as fun as Apex Legends. The latter brings adventurous fun to the gaming world as compared to the former. Also, it tests and improves his existing skills. 


Being a battle royale game, Apex Legends never fails to astonish its gamers worldwide. It always modifies the characters and strategies to win that make everyone inclined towards it. Shroud is also fond of a battle royale game which is known for its intensifying characters and exciting battlefield. You must learn Shroud Apex Legends Settings to know how he rules the world of Apex Legends. 


Unlocking several rewards at each step makes every task dynamic. That’s why it is important to enjoy and be in this game. Warzone is also categorized as a battle royale game but not as skillful as Apex Legends. 

Shrouds define Apex Legends as more skillful and adventurous. Apex legends also get immense popularity around the world just after completing one month of its release. It is the magnificent and dynamic characters inside that make everyone even Shroud a fan of this game. 

Too Casual

Apex Legends consist of complexities that Shroud takes as a challenge. However, if we talk about the Warzone then it is too casual as compared to Shroud. And, we are not saying it. Shroud himself articulated it while streaming on his channel. Mongraal Valorant settings are quite popular among his family. You can also enable the same to perform better.


According to Shroud, Warzone develops so much popularity because of its franchise under the Call of Duty. Not only does it appeal to users around the world but also makes the game popular. But, Shroud thinks the opposite of it. He believes in more energizing and tough games. He does what makes him happy. Rather than listening to anyone’s advice Shroud focuses more on his learning skills and that would be brought only if the game gets difficult to win. 


While streaming, one of his followers asked Shroud to try out the FPS game. Shroud responds in fun and laughter and says “fun as heck”. Shroud’s opinion on this articulates how much he dislikes this game. 

Not his Style

Shroud’s style makes him unique and different from all other gamers. It is his unique way to deal with all the challenges that a game incorporates. However, he would not prefer to look at the game when it does not meet with his style.

So, it is always believed that Shroud has a unique style that goes beyond normal gaming capabilities. In one of these statements, Shroud makes it clear that his fantasies are different and can be fulfilled only by Valorant, Apex, and CS games. 


Final Take!

So, this is all about the guide and Shroud’s preference of Apex Legends over Warzone. Shroud does whatever makes him happy and if the latter game suits him the most then it is 

because of these reasons. If you do not agree with Shroud then drop your concern below.  

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