Saving: do you know how much 1 Euro can be worth?

A simple change of perspective could change your mind about your daily expenses. 

I did not decide to fill jars with coins, but to reflect on the possibility of saving even a few euros a day to achieve great goals.

At the very beginning of this blog, I wrote a post on how to save and cut 20 items of expense.

I also wrote another one on how to save for a goal because without a goal there is no reason to save.

But the post that enlightened me the most and that prompted me to create a savings table is an article on the value of time that I read on   Insurance Noon the personal growth blog of Andrea Giuliodori that I never fail to read, and that I recommend.

In this post, Andrea focuses on the fact that by losing a  few minutes a day you can lose years of your life.

In the same way, saving a few euros a day can help you accumulate excellent sums and reach some important goals.

The savings table

So I created the savings table that I printed and I keep in my wallet to

always remind me that every euro saved can help me buy something that I want.

I want to share it with you. I know it is nothing special but for me, it is important, stimulating, and immediate.

In 20 years, one coffee less a day is 7,300 Euros …

Imagine if I quit smoking or if I managed to bring me food from home once a week, a choice that is not only healthy but also very economical.

Yes, but how to save even just 1 Euro?

1 Euro is really easy to spot in your daily expenses. You can eliminate a thousand unnecessary expenses that you surely do today.

You can start with these small expenses, but sooner or later you have to attack the big expenses, you have to examine the most important expenses and understand how to reduce them: mortgage, insurance, checking account, transport costs. Today you can reduce almost everything easily without affecting your lifestyle.

Next Steps


  1. Print the savings table
  2. Identify some expenses that you think you can reduce, write them also indicating the daily cost (this means that if the expense is monthly you can divide the cost by 30)
  3. Think about a goal you would like to achieve and its cost
  4. Identify expenses to reduce starting tomorrow.
  5. Set off

Ok in the end we will have to fill jars that we will see fill up day by day to get up to the level of our dream!

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