Feather Flags: The Most Effective Tool for Gaining New Customers | Predesigned Custom Feather Flags

Wondering how to acquire new clientele in the most cost-effective way? Easy – predesigned custom feather flags

Feather flags are the most efficient tool curated to gain potential customers’ attention as they pass by. Advertising via feather flags allows you to target a specific niche through your straightforward promotional design and message. 

If you think it looks a bit old school, here is why you shouldn’t underestimate its power when it comes to your business: 

Highly Effective Marketing Tool

Most people believe feather flags are an advertising tool from the ’90s, but the results show the opposite. Thousand of people jog, walk, or drive by your business, and feather flags successfully grab their attention. They are exceptionally prominent and visible to all, hence fitting the bill when it comes to introducing your company to them. 

Don’t forget! A customized, well-designed flag means more business for you. 

Can’t Block A Flag, Can You? 

Yes, we agree that traditional marketing has a lot of advantages. However, it has certain limitations. For example, it is easy for people to throw the flyers in the bin, block ads online,  or change the radio station, but well-designed and colorful feather flags are pretty persistent. In addition, using feather flags can help generate curiosity in your potential customers and lure them into learning more about business.

Cost-effective Tool 

Just like every business, yours must have a budget too. This is when predesigned custom flags come in handy. They have no electricity cost, no installation bill, are easy to assemble, and require $0 for upkeep. 

They come in various sizes and categories, be it “Now Open” or “now hiring.” You name it – you can get it all. 

Predesigned Flags Will Save Your Time 

One of the most valuable aspects of getting a predesigned feather flag is saving your precious time. When you’re swamped with work and do not want to spend time designing flags and choosing colors, predesigned flags are the right choice for you, especially near Christmas, New Year’s, or significant holiday sales, since people are most likely to come in and visit your store thanks to these flags and their last-minute gift shopping habits. 

Stand Out On Special Events 

When attending a fair, festival, or business event, it is best to stand out. Your business will be in front of potential clientele, and you want to make sure your business does not get lost in the crowd. 

If you’re a realtor and want to attract a wider audience, throw away that small sign and get a noticeable, new open house flag. You can easily carry it to another event since it’s lightweight and portable. 

Enhance Brand Association And Awareness 

Awareness and association are the critical elements for any new brand. For example, if you use a feather flag that is vibrant and attractive, people will be quick to recall it and think of your brand when they need specific services.

Feather flags can help both these key elements as we know color enhances brand awareness. Hence, color-coordinated flags are an effective way to create brand association. Moreover, you will be able to engage a broader audience. So, if you need eye-catching predesigned custom feather flags, make the right choice and check out Lush Banners. 

Start by browsing through some of our options here: 

  • Now Open Flags
    Best for grand openings or when you want your customers to know you’re still open post-pandemic.
  • Medical Feather Flags
    View all our medical assistance and first response designs for when you need to let people know where they can find help and assistance.
  • Now Hiring Flags
    Try some of our predesigned “ Now Hiring “ flags when you need help finding local employees in the neighborhood, try some of our predesigned “Now Hiring” flags.
  • Real Estate Feather Flags
    Tasteful designed Feather Flags for Real Estate Industry: For Rent, For Lease, For Sale, Move-in Specials, and much more! 
  • Now Leasing Flags
    Designs for now leasing advertisements to help fill your business space quickly.
  • Open House Flags
    Eight beautiful designs for realtors to help them match their brand and get more people to their open houses.
  • Welcome Feather Flags
    Let your guests feel welcome and invited in with our welcome feather flags.
  • Salon Flags
    10ft or 15ft Pre-Designed kit, beauty salon flags, nail salon, barbershop, and more.
  • American Feather Flags
    Affordable 10ft or 15ft Pre-Designed American Feather Flag Banner Kits.
  • Spanish Feather Flags
  • Browse through all of our Spanish Feather flags and appeal to your Spanish customers.
  • Religious Feather Flags
  • Our pre-designed, Religious Feather Flags include the flag (single-sided), 10ft poles, Free spike base & nylon bag.
  • Sports Feather Flags
    Affordable pre-designed Sports Feather Flags to cheer on your team and appeal to the sports fans in your area. 
  • Specialty Business Flags
    Need something special for your business? Check out our specialty business flag options.
  • Seasonal Holiday Flags
    Affordable pre-designed, Seasonal Holiday Flags to spice up the holiday season. 
  • Education Feather Flags
    Colorful designed Feather Flags for Education Institutions: Registration, Enrolling, Graduation, Welcome Back, and much more! 
  • Political Feather Flags
    Impactful designed Feather Flags for Political Events: Free Custom Political or popular Vote Feather Flags available.
  • Finance Feather Flags
    Our all-you-need Finance Feather Flag Kit includes the flag (single-sided), 10ft or 15ft poles, Free premium rotating spike base & nylon bag.
  • Business Promotion Flags
    Browse through our Business Promo flags, including For Sale, Grand Opening, Discount, Holiday Sales, and much more!
  • Auto Feather Flags
    Pre-designed Feather Flags for Auto Industry: Tire Shop, Car Wash, Auto Repair, Parking, Oil Change, and much more! 
  • Restaurants Feather Flags
    Tasteful designed Feather Flags for Food and Restaurants. Choose from Breakfast, Coffee, Lunch Special, Pizza, Tacos, Tex Mex, Burgers, Crawfish, and much more!
  • Curbside Pickup Flags
    Call attention to Curbside Pickup areas with affordable 10ft or 15ft Pre-Designed Feather Flag Banner Kits.

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