How Split AC Installation Works – Complete Guide

A split air conditioning system is a terrific way of keeping your home cool and pleasant in the summer. Split ac installation can be a challenging task. These systems are also more energy-efficient, easier to install, and quieter than air conditioners. Because this type of air conditioner is ductless, all you have to do is put the cooling unit inside but the condenser and compressor unit outside. After that, connect the units with pipes and a power connection. 

However, you may install a split ac installation system on your own if you don’t want to employ a professional and have some knowledge of plumbing and electrical work. Although each air conditioning equipment is unique to its manufacturer, the installation method is generally the same.

Installation Process of Indoor Unit


First of all, choose the best location to install the indoor unit of air conditioning system in the room. To connect the pipes from the interior to the outdoor unit, you’ll have to cut a hole through the wall. Get service of Air Duct Cleaning in Suwanee, GA, for some help in this situation. So, be sure the position you choose allows you to connect them. For the most remarkable results, choose a location away from direct sunshine and sources of heat. Install the unit seven feet from the ground, with at least six to twelve inches of open area on all sides to allow optimal ventilation.

  • Pick a good spot with studs to verify that the wall can support the unit’s weight.
  • You should install the unit at least 3.3 feet away from television, home security systems, telephone antennae, intercom, and power or connecting wires. The vibrational noise from the elements may cause your air conditioner to malfunction.
  • Avoid gas leak risk areas, oil mist, or sulfur.
  • Even though they’re mounted high on the wall, most of these units feature remote controls, so you can turn them on or off and change the temperature.

Mounting Plate

Now, install the mounting plate to the wall to hang the indoor unit. Make sure it’s horizontally and vertically level with a scale. Now, mark the locations of the screw holes with a pencil, then remove the plate and drill a hole in the wall for each screw.

Secondly, place the plate near the holes. Now, attach the plate to the surface with drilling screws, and insert plastic anchors into the holes.

Connecting Pipes

You have to make a hole in the wall to connect the pipes with the outside unit through this hole. Leave a mark in the middle of the mounting plate’s hole. Make a circular 3 in the opening through the wall with a keyhole cutter or a screwdriver. 

It has a hole-cutting attachment and slopes slightly downward toward the ground to guarantee proper drainage. Before drilling or cutting the hole, make sure there are no pipes or cables behind the wall.

Electrical Connection in the Indoor Unit

It’s time to check all the indoor unit electric connections that are useful in more security. Remove the cover from the split ac installation unit’s front panel by lifting it. Air Duct Sanitizing in Suwanee, GA, can be helpful for this situation. Ensure that the cable wires are connected to the screw terminals. And that the wiring is under the wiring instructions that manufacturers provide with the unit.

Put the Pipes Through the Holes

Put the cables and pipes in the hole that you made before. Connect them with the unit after running the pipes through the hole. Using electrical tape, join the copper pipes, drain pipe, and power cable with the kit. 

To keep the flow of water smooth, place the drainpipe on the floor. Pass the pipes and cable through the hole in the wall, then secure them to the indoor unit’s appropriate positions as the instruction manual directs.

You won’t have to worry about adding extra insulation because each line is pre-insulated.

To ensure that the unit functions well, keep the pipes and cables as straight as possible.

Verify that the drainage pipe permits water to drain to a suitable location. For more information, consult the instruction manual that came with your equipment.

Mount the Indoor Unit to the Plate

Carefully line the female connections on the back of the air conditioning unit with the male connections. You’ll find them on the mounting bracket and press it down to hold the air conditioner in place. 

Ensure that the device is tilted backward by 2-3 degrees to allow water to flow out of the drain pipe. Having a companion hold the unit in place while you secure the connections may be helpful.

Mount The Outdoor Condenser

Find an ideal position for the outdoor unit to place. Locate the hole you bored through the interior unit’s mounting plate and place the outer unit within 50 feet of it so the pipe and cable may be easily attached. To ensure proper working, choose a position with at least 12 inches of space around its circumference. 

To maintain your unit running at its optimum, choose a shaded position. That should be protected from the wind, dust, and traffic if at all feasible. Make sure no television or radio transmitter is within 10 feet of the outdoor unit. Now, place the outdoor air conditioning unit safely.

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