Mintos – the best European Peer Peer Lending platform

Peer-to-peer lending has a character increasing,  Mintos.

I see that many speak of this platform in a very positive way.

And I would say that given the returns, the number of users, and the volumes traded, this is an operator that we cannot ignore.

I want to talk about it even if obviously when we talk about this type of platform we must specify that it is a high-risk investment.

So if you don’t have an Emergency Fund yet and a good deal of low-risk investments, I don’t recommend this tool.

In addition, I took a while to sign up for Mintos and tell you about it because my experience with other platforms in the private lending sector,  including Bondora and Smartika, was not 100% positive.

But the results that Mintos offers, also reading the opinions of international bloggers I trust, are different.

If you don’t have the money to “play” with Mintos, before signing up, you can create a small monthly income stream thanks to the tips I gave you in the  Guide to Creating a Passive Income.

Ok if you have understood that with Mintos you can also lose all your investment, you can proceed to read the article.

In this article

  • What is Mintos?
  • The Mintos Team
  • How does Mintos work?
  • How to create a custom investment strategy with Mintos?
  • How much does Mintos make?
  • But is it safe?
  • Conclusions

What is Mintos?

Mintos is a Fintech platform based in Riga, launched in 2015.

It is a marketplace where investors/lenders can view and subscribe to the offers of loans/mortgages posted on the platform by various financial companies.

Essentially, it connects investors with those seeking a loan/loan.

But it does it differently than other platforms.

Mintos allows you to choose from the offers of various global lending companies.

In this way, it is possible to differentiate between countries and lenders with different degrees of risk.

Mintos is supervised by the Latvian financial authority and has in its growth programs the transformation into a Bank, with the assignment of an IBAN and the issuance of a debit card.

The Mintos Team

Mintos was founded by Martins Suite  (CEO) and Martins Valters  (COO and CFO) four years ago.

They are two professionals with solid experience in international consultancy firms and good level economic studies.

In addition to the founders, the whole team is made up of young professionals with high-level training behind them.

From the images on the site, it is clear that in Mintos you can breathe the air of a startup with elegantly designed offices and attention to the employee and his needs.

Given the expansion, including international, the Team is constantly growing and you never know that sooner or later it will also enrich with Italian personnel.

How does Mintos work?

Mintos is not a simple peer-to-peer lending platform,  but it is a marketplace.

In other words, it is an aggregator of the various loan offers of international financial operators.

The site is in English, but it is very simple and intuitive to use.

To register you must click on Create an Account and enter all your data.

You will be able to register both as a private individual and as a business if you have one.

Once registered, you can verify your identity by providing your identity card/passport data.

You will then have to transfer the money either by wire transfer or through an e-transfer platform (including Transferwise ).

Once the money has been transferred to your account, you can invest.

The minimum investment is equal to 10 Euros on the primary market and has no lower limits on the secondary market.

You can choose whether to invest automatically (Auto Invest), establish your strategy (Custom Strategy) or trust the strategy suggested by Mintos (Mintos Investment Strategies), or whether to go and look for the individual loans on which to invest each time ( Loan Listing ).

I chose the automatic mode.

I don’t want to tell you my settings yet because I’m still experimenting but I’ll bring them back to you in future monthly reports.

How to create a custom investment strategy with Mintos?

The founders of Mintos

In any case, if you want to create a personalized self-investment strategy, you will have to choose:

  • The currency;
  • The secondary or primary market;
  • the loan originator, i.e. the financial company proposing the loan;
  • the rating;
  • the type of loan,
  • the country,
  • the possibility or not of a refund guarantee offered by the financial company;
  • the desired interest;
  • the maximum duration of the loans;
  • the investment in the single investment.

I must say that the process is intuitive and simple.

However, what matters is the result so we will see how it works.

If you want you can also create multiple investment portfolios and differentiate based on duration, value, and other parameters that you can choose.

How much does Mintos make?

Mintos can certainly afford you attractive returns of even more than 10 % before tax.

The average yield is equal to 11.70%.

However, it is important to differentiate your assets as much as possible and limit the risk, because always remember that high returns always correspond to a higher level of risk.

But is it safe?

There is little in this area.

It is for this reason that I invest only a very limited part of my assets in this asset category, even if it is constantly growing.

So having made the due premise on high risk, I want to focus instead on a plus of this  insurance platform.

The first is the request made to each originator to participate in the risk in a minimum percentage of 10%.

In addition, a Buyback Guarantee is provided for many loans.

It means that if a loan is overdue by more than 60 days, the originator will automatically buy back the loan and credit the lender with the interest up to that date.

Even with the Buyback Guarantee the risk is not completely canceled.

The possibility remains that the Loan Originator will fail and be unable to meet this commitment.


If you are looking for highly speculative investments with very attractive returns, Mintos is for you.

I have decided as usual to test it and to start with a very low figure to increase monthly thanks to the profits not distributed.

I will start with 100 Euros to increase every month by 50/100 Euros.

As usual, I will use the proceeds from Matched Betting and other platforms with which I begin to generate a constant amount every month.

My goal is a return of around 12% so that I get to around 10% after tax.

In my opinion, the Strengths of Mintos are the top-level platform and great simplicity.

To this must be added the Buyback guarantee of the loans and attractive yields.

The success of the platform is evidenced by the growth of users, managed loans, and the expansion into new types of loans and markets.

Having no consolidated experience, I cannot yet point out any Weaknesses of Mintos.

However, I repeat that it is a speculative investment.

In addition, peer-to-peer lending has several experiences of failure behind it.

This is because, trivially, those who borrow from smaller platforms usually have a worse risk profile and usually the process of checking and recovering outstanding payments is never efficient.

Mintos seems more capable at this and has introduced a couple of tricks to solve this problem.

In any case, if you want to read the opinions of other users on Mintos you can always read Trustpilot or if you have already invested you can leave your experience in the comments.

If you decide to register with Mintos,  share the results with us.

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