How to Create a Custom Auto Invest Strategy on Mintos?

In this article, I want to explain how to set up an Auto-Investment strategy on Mintos? We will see what an Auto Invest strategy is, how it works and why it is useful. Are you interested?

For some time now I have been interested in Mintos.

I went from around 100 euros to the current 5,000 euros invested stably.

And I must say that I am very happy. I get double-digit and constant returns, without much effort.

With 5,000 Euros I get about 50 Euros per month which I can use to invest in new projects and on new platforms.

Thanks to Invest & Access I can have my capital (practically) at any time and thanks to my custom strategy I get high returns.

Don’t you know what I’m talking about? I recommend starting with my introductory articles on the platform:

  • Mintos – the best peer to peer lending platform ;
  • Invest & Access by Mintos – the killer app we’ve been waiting for.

In short, Mintos is a Peer Peer Lending platform that allows you to invest your money by entrusting your money to financial institutions which in turn lend to consumers.

If you sign up, you will then invest in pay-as-you-go loans with variable duration, risk, and return.

It is global and by accessing it you can operate all over the world.

Mintos is one of the fastest-growing investment asset classes.

P2P Lending is also one of the riskiest investment classes and therefore this site is also exposed to the loss of all the invested capital.

Mintos allows you to operate in different ways.

It is possible to manually select individual loans on the primary or secondary market or to activate automatic methods.

I already told you about Invest & Access.

Today I want to talk to you about the investment method called Auto Invest.

In this article

  • What does it mean to invest in Mintos in Auto Invest mode?
  • How to set up an Auto Invest strategy?
  • How much can you earn with Auto Invest?
  • What are the cons of Auto Invest?
  • Conclusions

What does it mean to invest in Mintos in Auto Invest mode?

Auto Invest is the automatic investment mode in Mintos.

It allows you to identify your investment criteria and implement them in your portfolio.

Your money will then be automatically invested only in loans that match your selection criteria.

This results in great savings in terms of time and greater efficiency in your investments.

How to set up an Auto Invest strategy?

You must first log into your Mintos account, click on Invest, and then on Auto Insurance Invest.

Next, you will need to select Create New Auto Invest Str

At this point, a new screen will open where you can select Custom Strategy.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have time and you prefer to rely on Mintos, you can choose the Mintos Investment strategies.

However, I don’t think these strategies make much sense after the introduction of Invest & Access.

By clicking on Custom Strategy you will have access to all the parameters to customize your strategy:

  • Currency: you can choose the denomination of the loan. By choosing currencies other than the euro you expose yourself to an exchange risk;
  • Market: the primary market is the one in which loan requests are exchanged for the first time, the secondary market is the market in which portions of loans in the portfolio are sold or purchased;
  • Loan / Loan
    • Loan Originator / Issuer
    • Rating
    • Loan Type / Type of loan
    • Country / Country
    • Buyback Guarantee: This is one of the most important conditions for a loan. The repurchase guarantee involves the guarantee given by the issuer of the loan to repurchase it in the event of a delay of more than 60 days. The repurchase takes place at the nominal value to which interest accrued in the period is added.

At this point, you can choose the

  • desired interest rate e
  • the term of the loan

Finally, you can decide:

  • The name of your strategy;
  • the Portfolio Size or how much you want to invest with this strategy;
  • L ‘ investment in a loan/investment in one loan: considers that the minimum investment amounts to Euro 10,00. The lower this value, the more you can invest in more loans and diversify your portfolio.
  • whether to reinvest the income/interest earned (do you want to reinvest?)
  • to include loans already invested in your investments (does it include loans already invested in?)
  • whether to diversify between loan originators (diversify across loan originators): I advise you to choose yes.

How much can you earn with Auto Invest?

Auto Invest is a profitable and automatic way of investing.

It allows for returns over 10% with a controlled risk profile (albeit always high).

To manage it in the best possible way, I advise you to regularly check the performance of your portfolio, the delays, and that the amount accrued on your portfolio is reinvested.

The main advantage of Auto Invest is therefore the balanced return in a portfolio logic, in which the risks across multiple loans and issuers are differentiated.

What are the cons of Auto Invest?

Looking for flaws, I would tell you that compared to the manual mode Auto Invest can make less.

If you spend time looking for the best loans, you can get and select advantageous loans.

Surely there are opportunities also on the secondary market to be exploited in manual mode.

Secondly, Auto Invest, compared to Invest & Access, can be liquidated with a higher difficulty.

To sell, however, just go to My Investment and click on Sell.

Mintos’ secondary market is very efficient, so there should be no major problems getting your money back.


If you are investing in P2P lending surely you have already heard of Mintos.

If you don’t know it but want to open an account, you can click here and start with a small amount, perhaps investing with the new Invest & Access mode.

I will never tire of reminding you how dangerous these investments are.

Don’t risk any money you can’t lose.

In any case, if you have decided to invest, study and experiment with new ways because, in the long run, even an extra point of return can make a certain difference.

P2P Lending is also a competitive market in which you can experiment and find new techniques and Mintos, thanks to the huge amount of loans managed, can certainly offer interesting earning opportunities.

I am sure however that it will always introduce new features and therefore I will continue to follow them and tell you about them.

If you are already a Mintos PRO do not hesitate to give us your advice in the comments.

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