Invest & Access by Mintos – the killer app we’ve been waiting for?

Mintos has introduced a new service called Invest & Access for its investorsIn this article, you will find out how it works.

As you know if you read this blog, I have been investing in Mintos for some time now.

Don’t you know what I’m talking about?

Maybe you can start from the various articles I wrote on P2P lending and from the review I wrote on this platform.

You may also find my monthly reports useful in which I collect my impressions and the performance of my portfolios.

In summary, Mintos is a pan-European Fintech operator operating in Peer Peer Lending.

In a few years, it has become the industry leader.

It has created a Marketplace where investors/lenders can view and subscribe to the loan/mortgage offers posted on the platform by various financial companies.

Does this seem too risky to you?

I agree with you.

P2P Lending is not a low-risk investment, on the contrary, it is very high risk.

You must therefore be very careful and possibly invest only a small part of the capital in these instruments.

In any case, as you know, I am not a financial consultant but I only tell my experience, and like you I try to document myself.

In particular, after a few months of using Mintos I must say that I appreciate it:

  • ease of use;
  • solidity;
  • double-digit returns;
  • the ease of selling the shares in the secondary market.

But let’s get to Invest & Access.

In this article

  • What is Invest & Access?
  • How much does it yield?
  • How can I activate Invest & Access?
  • How can I withdraw?
  • But is it a revolution?
  • Conclusions

What is Invest & Access?

Invest & Access is a new investment method made available to Minto’s users.

It joins the two methods already present on the platform, namely:

  • the manual mode that allows each investor to choose the loan to invest in from a list of loans and issuers;
  • the automatic mode that allows you to establish criteria based on which the platform will invest automatically.

Invest & Access allows with an investment starting from 500 Euros to invest in Mintos always having your money available, with a wide diversification between platforms and debtors and the buyback guarantee.

Remember that this last guarantee is very important because it protects the investor in case of default by the debtor. It does not protect him in the event of default by the financial institution.

For this reason, it is very important to diversify your portfolio between multiple loans and issuing companies.

The idea is similar to that of Bondora Go & Grow which offers a yield of 6.75% and the ability to always access your money.

The essential differences are two:

  1. the expected return which for Invest & Access is 11.75% ;
  2. the ability to instantly access your money except for the portion of overdue loans. For these loans, you can in any case either wait for the expiration or resort to the secondary market which is very efficient on Mintos.

How to invest in Mintos

Mintos essentially offers significantly higher yields than Bondora and very competitive conditions.

How much does it yield?

Invest & Access does not guarantee a return. It will depend on the loans available on the market.

In any case, the advertising of the service indicates an estimated average return of 11.75%.

In my case, a few days after activation, we are at 12.22%. Not bad especially when compared with similar services.

How can I activate Invest & Access?

To activate Invest & Access you just need, once in your area, to access the Invest section.

Here you will find Invest & Access and to activate it you just need to click on Change Target to set how much you want to invest in this way.

In this way, you will set an investment target and the system will start investing to return you a return of 11.75%

Remember that once the indicated investment limit has been reached, the system will stop investing and in this case, you will have to increase your investment limit.

How can I withdraw?

To withdraw your money, simply click on Cash Out in your Invest & Access section.

Mintos will automatically tell you how much you can withdraw (the part of your loans not overdue).

Materially Mintos will sell your loans to other users of the Invest & Access service.

You can then proceed with the withdrawal of what has been obtained and receive your money on the indicated account.

Under normal market conditions, this step is instantaneous because there is always a demand for new loans.

However, some problems may arise if there is a simultaneous request for reimbursement by many of Minto’s users.

However, you will not be able to immediately withdraw the part of your loans that is delayed.

In this case, you can do it only when the debtor returns to regular payments or when the guarantee fund intervenes.

But is it a revolution?

I must say that it does not seem to me that Mintos has radically revolutionized its service by introducing the Invest & Access mode.

However, this solution is straightforward.

It, therefore, goes in the direction of helping a lot of those who are not able or do not want / time to set up their automatic insurance  investment strategy.

This activity is not easy, it requires time, study, and updating.

It is for this reason that I too have decided at least for a part of my portfolio to join this new service.


I’ll tell you how it goes soon and I’ll never fail to give you my monthly update on Mintos and my other investments.

As soon as possible I also promise you that I will write an article to explain how to set up an Autoinvest strategy.

In my opinion, this remains the best way to invest in Mintos if you are an average expert user and want to customize your investments.

The automatic investment mode should still deliver a higher return than Invest & Access.

Invest & Access, on the other hand, guarantees extreme ease of use and is, therefore, suitable if you do not have a lot of time if you approach Mintos now and are not sure if you can tie up your money for too long.

We will see the very interesting evolutions of Mintos and of course, I await your comments and your questions.

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