Know about 2022 VW Passat before Purchasing It

A relaxing ride is what you will get when you are inside the 2022 VW Passat. It is a well-built vehicle with ample room inside for people to enjoy every drive.

It has an adequate powertrain that is excellent whether it is for Sunday cruising or everyday traveling. It can be said to be the most practical family sedan that one can buy.

You should know about this vehicle a bit before jumping in a cab to step inside Volkswagen dealership San Bernardino.

Powertrain details

2L turbocharged 4-cylinder is what you will get. It is the only option that an individual can equip under its hood. With the aid of an automatic 6-speed transmission, this vehicle delivers 174-hp.

The new generation Passat comes with a smoother functioning engine that can move this vehicle from one point to another swiftly.

With a combination of almost luxury, predictable handling, and soft ride an individual will own a car that produces capable and comfortable ride quality.

Also, steering is more than capable but many feel that better feedback would be more appreciated by drivers.

Fuel efficiency of this vehicle is quite good as it offers fuel economy of 24 mpg and 36 mpg on city roads and highways. Such a powertrain will offer a better and comfortable driving experience.

Great interior layout and more

The interior from Volkswagen is great. It is straightforward and well-built that suits this vehicle. It is utilitarian and yet sophisticated to the point that it gives some luxurious vibe.

It is also spacious that make sitting at the back also comfortable for all. One of the great aspects is outward visibility due to its open cabin styling and door pillars are thinly designed.

A total of 16 carry-on suitcases can be equipped behind front seats which is more than enough for a weekend getaway or so.

If you are looking to get details about the interior and know exact dimensions of cabin and more, you need to go to San Bernardino Volkswagen dealership instantly.

For infotainment, VW has equipped a touchscreen of 6-inch as standard but also 8-inch optional is available. Other features include Android Auto, SiriusXM radio, Apple CarPlay, and more.

The higher-tier models come with premium audio speakers, Car-Net services with a subscription for 6 months, etc.

Price set for 2022 VW Passat

This family sedan’s entry-level model starts from $25k approximately. However, you should always try to get the top-tier trims for the best features and stylish look.

Hence, you need to go for R Line ($31k estimated price) or 2T Limited ($31,290). The best approach is to visit a dealership to check out the listed trims and their prices for a better idea.

More or less every detail related to 2022 Volkswagen Passat is mentioned above. You can see how good this vehicle is as a family sedan.

It is stylish, powerful, and practical making it the new sedan to buy. So, hurry and grab the best deal that is offered to you and bring home the new Passat today!



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