Led Grow Lights: Maintain Vigorous Growth of Indoor Plants!

Want to maintain the proper growth of indoor plants? Or, Looking for a light source to grow indoor plants vigorously?

Led grow lights are the ideal solution as they can offer a wide range of light spectrum to maintain the proper growth of indoor plants.

Due to the single spectrum of colors, traditional grow lights can’t maintain the growth of indoor plants. Besides, these lights are unable to thrive the plant and meet the production of vertical farming projects.

But, led grow lights offer a wide range of light spectrum that helps to maintain the proper growth of indoor plants. So, from small gardens to commercial vertical farming projects, these lights can be ideal to grow your plant vigorously.

If you’re still confused about how to use led grow lights, scroll through our detailed guide to clarify quickly!

How To Use Led Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

Most people think picking the right light and set up the led lights above the plant is enough for indoor plant growth. These are vital steps but you have to follow other steps such as using a timer, measuring the plant light needs, and mimicking the day length to get the proper plant growth. Let’s have a look at these steps in detail.

Pick The Right Light

As LED lights come with a wider light spectrum, they can enhance the growth of all types of indoor plants. But, a strong red and orange spectrum can boost the production of buds and flowers whereas a range of blue spectrums is efficient to promote vegetative growth.

If you have such requirements of plant growth, you can pick a led light that is specially built with such spectrum range. Otherwise, you can use high-quality LEDs to thrive in your indoor plants!

Setting Up The LEDs

When it comes to setting up the LEDs, it is better to place the led grow lights above the plant for quick growth. Besides, you can also use these lights in place of ceiling lights. If the planting area is small and consists of only a few plants, we suggest you attach the light to a lamp and then place it next to the plant.

Sometimes, people think a close setup may boost plant growth. But, Led grow light produces a little heat that may harm the plant growth. Hence, it is wise to avoid close contact. So, always maintain at least 15 to 25 inches of distance from the plants.

In vertical farming projects, it becomes difficult to arrange LEDs for such a large area. To get rid of such issues, go to Spider Farming and pick a built-in LED grow light panel according to your needs.

Using a Timer

Every plant comes with a unique requirement for light. Especially, when you’re on a farming project, maintaining proper daily light requirements is a must to ensure vigorous plant growth.

Now, it is quite hard to turn on or off the grow lights according to plant needs! Hence, use a timer and set the usable time to get consistent lighting. Also, it can help the plant to thrive.

Measure The Plant Light Needs

Plants are either light-loving or shade-loving in nature. Due to such reasons, the demand for photons varies from plant to plant. For example, house plants require less light compared to vegetative plants. Also, leafy vegetables have quite different requirements than fruit veggies.

On the other hand, the intensity of LEDs may fill the plant’s needs quickly. That’s why you have to measure the amount of plant light to get proper production. After the measurement, pick premium-quality Led grow lights that can meet the light needs efficiently.

Mimic The Day Length

For vigorous growth of flowering plants, day lengths matter a lot. In fact, some fruit settings of different indoor vegetables are also influenced by the daylight.

Now, mimicking the day length with LEDs can help the plant to maintain flowering and fruit setting properly. So, if you’re using LED grow light in your indoor farming projects, mimic the day length of the plant to get vigorous growth.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we are at the last step of our detailed guide. As we tried to cover all the necessary information about using led grow lights for indoor plants, we hope this article will help to get vigorous growth of indoor plants.

Led grow lights offer a wide range of light spectrums and provide years of durability, ideal for a small garden to commercial vertical farming projects. So, pick your led grow lights right now and maintain the proper growth of the indoor plants!

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