How to Protect Your Home Against Wasp Infestation?

Wasps are considered to be important in bio-control and in preserving an ecological balance. But due to their toxic sting, it is important to keep them away from you and your home.

Most of the time people develop allergic reactions to the sting area which includes redness, itchiness, swelling, and heat release from the affected area. But the latest research reveals the shocking effects on the patients of wasp’s bites. A thorough study has been done in the different hospitals of CHINA and it tells about high creatinine levels, shock, discomfort in the urinary tract and anemia were the risk factors in the victims of wasps bite.

And in some cases of multiple wasps sting presented with toxic reactions and multiple organ abnormalities caused by the venom rather than a life-threatening allergic reaction.

Considering these fatal consequences of wasps bite it is really important to take initial steps to keep them away from your home and kids. The first thing to do is to consult the best pest exterminator Surrey BC services.

Other than that, there are some hacks which can be helpful in this regard. These include:

Dryer sheets

Wasps hate the smell of dryer sheets, so spread some of the sheets around you as you are in an open area. You can spread them also in your home from where you can expect them and keep the area pest-free.


Mothballs are also used to keep the insects like wasps and bees at a suitable distance. The mothball is a product that is specially designed for pesticides. They have a very unpleasant smell which is helpful to take them away from you. Try to keep them in your pants pockets anywhere suitable for you, as they are perfectly safe for humans and work as a convenient repellant.

Cloves and other simple ingredients

Clove an amazing, spice is another great wasps and other insects repellant. The scent is offensive to them, so just spread some out on your back porch and enjoy a pest-free summer. The odor of peppermint, lemongrass, essential oils, and a vinegar spray can also be helpful to keep the wasps at a distance.

Hang wasps trap or a fake wasps nest

Wasp’s traps consist of liquids that attract the wasps and don’t let them out of it. You can also practice the trick of making an artificial brown paper bag, fill it with air, and twist off the top to make it resemble a wasp’s nest. Hang this bag on your lawn and you will notice that they‘ll not come near that area. Wasps are aware of their locality and don’t operate in an unknown area. Practice this hack and have a good time in your lawn and open area.

Stop wasps feeding

This means stop arranging food like ripe or rotten fruits and berries in and around your property. Move the arrangements of food far away on the trees, so don’t become the source of attraction for other pests. On the other hand, make sure no pet food is left outside.

Locate the nests

It is necessary to locate their home before they grow into a larger community. Check sheds, garages, and wall cavities in early spring while they are small in size and can be treated easily.

To best protect your family, prevent the formation of the nest by making your home unattractive to them. Once you have detected a nest in your property, call for professionals to remove their nest. Wasps usually sting when they are provoked, which means removing a nest is not an easy job. Attempting to try and knock down the nest yourself can backfire and may end up under attack. The professionals exactly know the proper treatment and have all the safety equipment.

How to Choose Wasp Exterminators?

Now the question here arises, how to choose the right pest exterminator services. As there are companies that offer wasp control Surrey services, choosing the right one can be really tough and overwhelming. Ask your friends or family members for referrals. Or you can take the help of the internet in this regard. Search for the best wasp exterminators in your area and choose the top-ranked ones. Don’t forget to read their reviews and testimonials. This will give you a clear idea about the quality of their services.

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