What are the best personal finance podcasts?

The podcasts are a very useful tool if you want to form you and enhance your skills.

For about a year every month, I have spent about 60 hours in the car and I have discovered this really useful tool.

Especially in the morning, I got into the habit of listening to an audiobook or a podcast.

The podcast has the advantage of being able to fill many empty moments of my day.

I often use it when I want to find the charge and face the day with some new idea or simply with more focus.

I not only listen to personal finance podcasts but also space on other topics.

The beauty of the Internet is in fact that of having a lot of people who love to share their passions and skills.

So I want to compile a list of my favorite personal finance podcasts.

In this article

  • # 1 – Davide Marciano’s Podcast
  • # 2 – Talent Bay – Valerio Russo’s podcast
  • # 3 – Invest like a boss by Johnny FD
  • # 4 – Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income
  • # 5 – Pod Safe
  • # 6 – Rebel Investors

# 1 – Davide Marciano’s Podcast

Davide Marciano is the blogger of AffariMiei.biz and has a very active podcast in which he collects his advice and guides on how to best manage your finances.

Davide leaves nothing out.

It ranges from the basic concepts of personal finance such as savings and investment and gets to deepen some specific financial instruments such as postal investments, insurance, …


# 2 – Talent Bay – Valerio Russo’s podcast

I recently met Valerio and I realized and was surprised how many episodes I had already heard of Talent Bay.

Talent Bay is not a Personal Finance podcast but collects stories of “Talents”, that is, people who have achieved great results and from whom we can learn.

You will find some very interesting chats with Dario Vignali, Andrea Giuliodori, Dave Gamba.

You will discover what the morning routine is, but also what it means to work at Foodora, Facebook, Google.

In the personal finance field, I recommend that you do not miss episodes: 35 with Luca Lixi, 33 with Marco Liera and 19 with Davide Marciano.

Valerio Russo is truly an attentive person who knows how to extract useful advice, anecdotes, and stories from his interviewees.

He is always getting better and his podcast is really worth following

If you want to listen to the Talent Bay episodes, start here.

# 3 – Invest like a boss by Johnny FD

Johnny FD is one of my favorite American bloggers.

He lives by building drop shipping sites and traveling the world.

He is authentic, he tells his story without neglecting his weaknesses and with total transparency about his earnings.

I like him because he has a life full of experiences and is an excellent communicator.

He curates two podcasts, one dedicated to his Travellikeaboss lifestyle in which he interviews digital nomadic entrepreneurs.

The second is called Investlikeaboss and is dedicated to investments.

Investlikeaboss hosts a series of interviews with investors and therefore delves into the topic of investment in a very current and analytical way.

It’s not suitable for everyone, as some episodes are a bit technical if you don’t have financial knowledge.

# 4 – Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is the guru of passive income, that is, money that arrives automatically without particular efforts.

He talks about it on his blog and also on his Podcast.

He interviewed Tim Ferris, Ramith Sethi, Gary Vaynerchuk among others.

His Podcast has over 300 episodes and is one of the most informative.

It really deals with many different and interesting topics from affiliate marketing, to Youtube, to how to sell a book …

It basically helps its listeners build a profitable online business.

# 5 – Pod Safe

Carlo, Tommaso, and Andrea will talk to you about money, personal finance, investments.

I must admit I was not familiar with this Podcast before writing this post.

I didn’t even know the insurancenoon.com site.

I like the relaxed, playful approach and the fact that there are 3 conductors with different experiences who discuss concrete personal finance issues.

A marketer with a passion for video games living in Finland, an insurer, and a salesman with a background around the world who lives in Milan.

A very promising and interesting podcast made by people with great life experiences.

The life of the protagonists is interesting, the topics are interesting and the depth of the authors is appreciable.

# 6 – Rebel Investors

Jessica and Gianluca are two guys who live in London and work in the field of programming and tech.

They obviously have a specific interest in the subject of personal finance and financial independence.

I like them for their pragmatic approach and for their willingness to share the results achieved and the lessons learned with their listeners.

They often host other bloggers and I must say that they are very good and impress me with their very professional approach.

Find all the episodes here.

I will continue to listen to these podcasts and will definitely add new ones.

Every day we discover something new and discover new lives and many business ideas.

If you want to report your podcast to me, you can write me via email and tell me about your project.

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