How To Prepare Your Child For Studying Abroad

Not only is the prospect of studying abroad a daunting yet equally as exciting one for your child, but it can also be somewhat of an adventure for the parents as well, and the best possible way to ensure (as much as feasibly possible) that both you and your child are making the right decision and that they will get the most out of the experience is to prepare as much as possible.

With this in mind, continue reading to learn some top tips and advice for preparing your child for studying abroad.

Embark On A ‘Trial Day’

A prestigious and established boarding school abroad will no doubt offer a trial day, which essentially packs as much of the experience and daily activities and lessons into one day as possible, ensuring your child knows exactly what to expect when they return at the beginning of the school year.

Instill Independence

Naturally, once your child has arrived and settled into their boarding school abroad, they will be expected and encouraged to look after themselves more and more, both physically in terms of their education and emotionally, in terms of how they handle the transition.

Even something as simple as starting to give your child more and more small household chores to complete around the home will start to make them learn about responsibilities and how to balance what they want to do with what they are required to do.

Make Sure They Have Everything They Need

It is absolutely crucial that, as a parent, you ensure that your child has absolutely everything they could possibly need in their suitcase ahead of the departure day, both relating to what is required for them to take for their education as well as items that are of a sentimental and more personal nature.

Practically speaking, remember to pack not only your child’s school uniform but also clothing for when they are not studying – for each possible weather change, a raincoat, a warm and snuggly thicker coat, some wellington boots, different thicknesses of socks as well as casual and loungewear items.

Remember to provide them with ample amounts of stationery and paper, toiletries, a laundry bag and some extra clothes hangers and their own personalized bedding so they are able to make their space feel more comfortable.

Be Mindful Of Homesickness

Another incredibly important way to prepare your child, or children, for studying and staying at an international boarding school is to ensure you have attempted to tackle the inevitable feeling of homesickness.

Inside their luggage, be sure to pack numerous family photographs, including photographs of your child with any household pets, their favorite blanket or soft toys and a selection of their favorite foods (as long as the particular country’s custom laws allow this).

Additionally, you should (certainly for the first few weeks) arrange a time for a weekly Skype session when you know your child will not be studying so your child can visually communicate with their friends and family back home.

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