How to Make Extra Money? Only proven methods

Earning Extra Cash has never been easier.

We always complain for a thousand reasons.

I do not have money. I don’t arrive at the end of the month …

But in reality, it is not at all difficult to generate additional money.

There are many people I know who live with a blog, rent houses on Airbnb, or supplement their salaries with a thousand jobs and activities.

It has always been like this, but today it is (much) easier.

There are many activities that you can do comfortably sitting on your sofa.

But first I would like to make a premise.

To make money or at least start making it, you have to work.

And working means giving up something.

Sacrifice your time to get money in return.

The passive income exists, but to get to work you must first create it, generate ideas, activities and almost always sweating.

Let’s see which methods I find easier to generate Extra Money.

In this article

  • # 1 – Betting with Matched Betting
  • # 2 – Investing in Real Estate Crowdfunding
  •  # 3 – Make money with Paid to Click (PTC) sites and online surveys
  • # 4 – Lending cryptocurrencies
  • # 5 – Promote products and services through Affiliations
  • # 6 – Earn Extra Money With A Website / Blog
  • # 7 – Earning as an Influencer on Instagram
  • # 8 – Make videos on Youtube
  • # 9 – Hold Courses
  • # 10 – Write a book
  • # 11 – Rent a house on Airbnb
  • # 12 – Selling used items
  • # 13 – Become a chef and cook at home
  • # 14 – Dog Sitter
  • # 15 – Babysitter
  • # 16 – Deliver food or other home delivery
  • # 17 – Selling on Amazon or Ebay
  • # 18 – Becoming a Mystery Shopper
  • # 19 – Resell event and concert tickets
  • # 20 – Making money with video games
  • Conclusions

# 1 – Betting with Matched Betting

Since I discovered it, I can’t help but talk about it.

It is one of the most profitable businesses you can do online.

It is about taking advantage of the bonuses of online betting sites.

You will earn  at least 200 Euros per month with a maximum of half an hour of work per day.

The Matched Betting is scalable activity that is possible to round and is perfectly legal.

It is not difficult and allows you to earn immediately.

Obviously it requires some attention and commitment.

With experience, you can only increase your earnings.

Why aren’t you making money with matched betting yet?

Don’t be wary, it works.

If you want to start and you don’t know how to do it, read my guide.

# 2 – Investing in Real Estate Crowdfunding

real estate crowdfunding platform allows you to invest money in real estate projects.

Ok ok …

I know what you are thinking.

Money is needed to invest in real estate.

Capital is indeed needed, but there is a platform that allows you to earn even 10% on an annual basis and allows investments starting from 50 euros.

We are talking about Housers, the leading platform in the real estate sector.

I have invested about 1,000 euros up to now.

I use a portion of matched betting earnings every month to increase my capital.

I recommend it.

Thanks to my investments I earn a few euros every month.

It’s not a lot, but I’m generating a small amount of income.

 # 3 – Make money with Paid to Click (PTC) sites and online surveys

This is probably the poorest way to make money.

At least I don’t recommend that you don’t need some initial cash to finance projects.

There are a thousand such platforms.

A simple search will suffice to find some site that offers a list of the best sites that allow you to earn by clicking on advertising, answering simple surveys, or carrying out small activities.

I use a BTCClicks site which allows me to generate Bitcoins.

Ok, I know that Bitcoins are no longer in fashion.

But a Bitcoin always has a certain value and I enjoy the idea of ​​owning even a small amount.

# 4 – Lending cryptocurrencies

Since I’ve talked about how to generate cryptocurrencies, it also seems logical to me to talk to you about cryptocurrency lending.

Ok it’s a bit of a peculiar activity, but it’s still profitable.

It generates a few euros for me every month.

Nothing special, but always better than nothing.

Obviously if you have a lot more Bitcoins than me you can earn more.

However, you will not have to do anything other than register with an exchange that allows you to lend cryptocurrencies to other users.

I would earn interest for each day your Bitcoin, Ethereum, BCH will be loaned.

To get started you can read my article and visit the Poloniex or Bitfinex sites.

# 5 – Promote products and services through Affiliations

Earning with affiliations is one of the favorite activities of digital marketers.

Honestly, it’s also one of my favorite businesses.

It consists of finding valid products and services, proposing them to third parties for purchase and earning a commission on the purchase.

To do this you do not need a site, but it can also be enough to write reviews on forums, on facebook or in comments on other sites.

Obviously it’s much easier if you have a blog or if you build landing pages specifically for the products you want to advertise.

This business can be very profitable.

However, I advise you never to fall into the mistake of advertising anything even of little value.

I have my own personal rule.

I only promote products or services that I believe in.

I can be wrong, but before I recommend something to someone I try to prove it.

I think it’s much more effective to talk about something you know than to improvise a review on a product you’ve never seen and touched.

# 6 – Earn Extra Money With A Website / Blog

A blog can be an excellent source of revenue.

Obviously it must have some feedback and it must be potentially monetizable.

If you want to open a blog, however, I do not recommend that you choose it on the basis of potential earnings.

You have to think about a topic you are in or you can become authoritative.

Remember that when you open the blog, you don’t already have to be the top expert on the subject.

But you must have the interest to deepen and grow together with your readers.

In this way you will gradually acquire readers and will at some point generate revenues.

Your authority will automatically turn into earnings if you are perceived as competent and honest.

The blog is very interesting because it lends itself to a variety of tools m onetizzazione.

You can start with the classic advertising on Adsense and then move on to affiliations, sponsored articles.

The most influential bloggers organize events and become ambassadors for major brands.

Why don’t you start a blog too?

# 7 – Earning as an Influencer on Instagram

Among the most coveted activities is that of the influencer.

Instagram is the social of the moment and offers, unlike others, excellent monetization possibilities .

Instagram allows you to showcase yourself by promoting yourself, or your ability to take photographs.

It is therefore an excellent tool for earning.

Also in this case I would advise you to start from the growth of followers with whom to establish a dialogue.

Choose what you want to do and give your profile a line by separating your personal life from the one you show to your followers.

Focus on growth by adopting strategies to grow your user base and always aiming for the excellence of your content.

The proposals that you can evaluate will automatically arrive.

Usually 10,000 followers are considered as a minimum basis to start monetizing your influence .

Are you ready to reach your first 10K followers?

# 8 – Make videos on Youtube

Earning with Youtube is one of the most sought-after activities.

We’ve all heard the story of Favij, Marzia (PewDiePie’s girlfriend), Luis, Frank Matano and many more.

We have all thought at one time or another.

But what if I did it too?

Consider that it is not easy to get views on Youtube.

To become good you must then work professionally, say or do something interesting and be consistent in producing videos.

If you feel ready, go for it.

Again, don’t think about earnings right away.

They will come almost automatically as channel visits grow, but forget them at first.

Instead, think about how to grow views.

# 9 – Hold Courses

One of the easiest ways to monetize your skills is to share your skills with others.

It can take the form of an individual course, a private lesson.

Or you can become a teacher, trainer and organize courses for a multitude of people.

Of course, again, you can take a step-by-step approach.

Start by sharing your knowledge with a few friends and then scale your project.

You can become a super-expert and get to create courses to resell them online to an ever wider audience.

You can also organize physical events, alternating them with an online presence.

# 10 – Write a book

Writing a book is one of those activities that was once reserved for a few professionals.

You had to have a publishing house, an editorial team and a distribution that was up to par.

Amazon has simplified the chain a lot.

Today you can self-publish and hit bookstore shelves in a short time.

You obviously have to choose an interesting topic and write well.

But that’s not enough.

Today, if you really want to reach a large audience, you have to create a community of supporters.

The reviews received on Amazon also count for books.

That’s why as soon as your title goes up for sale, you’ll need to get sales and reviews.

So I advise you to focus not only on the content.

Immediately start thinking about creating a real community around your book.

When it comes out, if it is valid, it will be a success and will allow you to climb the sales rankings.

# 11 – Rent a house on Airbnb

Ok, you don’t have an apartment to rent on Airbnb.

Let’s say it’s more difficult, but it’s still not impossible to make money with Airbnb.

Tourism is a constantly growing business.

Even cities that were once ignored have now become touristy.

Take Milan.

Until a few years ago it was a city considered ugly, gray and sad …

Today it is overrun with tourists.

Not just businessmen, but also families and couples.

Of course, not everyone has a house in the center of Milan to rent.

But maybe you have a country house or a relative has a vacant house like apartments for rent in Gainesville.

You could think of monetization by sharing part of the profits made.

There are now many operators renting houses to monetize.


Well, managing Airbnb is simply not trivial at all.

You also have to work to follow a house, tourists, their needs and their complaints …

You have to be a professional.

You have to sacrifice time, study the best way to promote your tourist offer.

Not everyone is willing to do this.

# 12 – Selling used items

Do you have a house full of clothes and objects that you no longer use?

Did you just change your cell phone? the TV?

Do you have a bike that you no longer use?

A collection that no longer interests you?

Do you know that by selling them you would be able to recover space and probably some money?

Today it is very easy to publish your ads on, Kijiji or other local platforms.

If you have the time and space, you might even offer to do this for family and friends.

# 13 – Become a chef and cook at home

Obviously it’s not for everyone.

You have to love cooking.

But today, if you know how to cook and know how to manage the anxiety of having to cook for many people, you can become a chef at home.

Having to start I recommend that you create a very personal menu.

This way you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

You could focus on ethnic, obviously avoiding over-inflated cuisines or on a lesser-known regional cuisine.

The important thing is excellence both in the ingredients and in the execution.

If you want to start, try organizing lunches and dinners for friends.

Then subscribe to one of the portals that offer home chef services or create a personal page.

Try  Chefbooking and Takeacheaf to get started.

# 14 – Dog Sitter

Dogs are constantly increasing and especially at certain times of the year it is necessary to delegate the care of your pet to other people.

Then there are the elderly who, especially in winter, are hardly able to accompany their dogs outdoors.

That’s why there are more and more opportunities for those who can handle one or more dogs.

It’s not as simple a job as it may seem, but it can be very profitable.

Also because with a little experience you can also support the training and care of animals.

# 15 – Babysitter

If you are a woman, you are responsible and have patience with children this is an ideal job.

If you work, you can combine it with your traditional job, giving only availability for the evening or weekends.

If, on the other hand, you do not work during the day, you can support a family in the needs that usually are concentrated in the afternoon.

The hourly wage is never too high, but the rates range between 8 and 10 Euros.

However, it is not bad.

Babysitting jobs can also be found online today.

If you want to subscribe to a site try and wait for your first interview.

Of course, you can also rely on word of mouth and ask relatives, friends, parishes, shops.

# 16 – Deliver food or other home delivery

Today, the world of home delivery has had a real boom.

Thousands of Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Just Eat platforms were born .

All you need is a bicycle and a mobile phone with a data plan to turn you into a delivery boy and earn money by delivering food.

It is hard work but it allows you a great freedom of time.

Obviously the demand is very strong when it rains, in the evening and on weekends.

How to say it’s always hard work.

In addition to food-related platforms, there are also other possibilities to deliver products.

For example, you can shop for others with Supermercato24.

Just register, give your availability (for example during the weekend), go shopping and deliver it.

Not bad, especially if you like shopping.

# 17 – Selling on Amazon or Ebay

Among the not very easy activities that you can carry out there is also the sale on Amazon or Ebay.

Identify an out of stock product.

Find a source of supply and start selling.

Since it is not trivial at all, I recommend that you take some tests and study well before embarking on this adventure.

You can make a lot of money, but you can also lose money.

Every trader takes the risk of not selling his stock of goods.

So be careful not to improvise.

There is no business that can afford to escape the harsh law of the market.

# 18 – Becoming a Mystery Shopper

The mystery shopper is one of those activities that many are unaware of.

It involves visiting places and shops undercover to see how they are managed.

It is a fun job that requires critical sense and observation skills.

In fact, at the end of the visit you have to make an evaluation according to the required parameters.

It is not difficult to become a mystery shopper.

Just sign up on some specialized sites that you will easily find with an online search.

The earnings are unfortunately not great, but it is worth a try.

# 19 – Resell event and concert tickets

For a while, I admit I did.

And I must confess that it is a risky activity and bordering on legality.

It is also potentially very profitable.

In fact, concert tickets are often unavailable and demand exceeds supply.

When this happens, prices skyrocket.

But there is not always a real demand for all events.

Sometimes even apparently sold out events are actually not.

You must therefore be on the safe side.

If you decide to make money by reselling tickets,  buy only top event tickets.

It is not easy to find tickets to the most coveted events, but when you find them you will have won.

Buy and resell.

You will be able to reinvest and slowly develop your business.

You will learn how to manage purchases by finding new channels to purchase tickets.

# 20 – Making money with video games

Soon the word e-sports will be on all the headlines.

Especially the sports ones.

In fact, electronic sports are gaining momentum.

Clubs, teams are born and local, national and international tournaments are organized.

As the popularity grows, sponsors are coming.

In this way the prize pools are climbing and video game players are turning into professionals.

Of course, the more the competition grows, the more you have to really excel to emerge.

In any case you can try.

Another way to monetize your passion for video games is Twitch.

Twitch is a television dedicated to video game enthusiasts.

If you are particularly good at a video game or are good at describing your plays you can open a channel.

The more users you can engage, the more you will earn.

Obviously an average Twitcher earns less than 100 Euros per month, but Ninja one of the most famous gamers is said to earn as much as 500,000 USD per month …


What are you waiting for to supplement your salary?

Choose an idea and start earning.

Focus on one activity at a time.

Document, apply and insist.

I recommend not moving on to the next one until you have maximized your results in the field.

The results come, but you have to apply and work.

Money does not rain from the sky, but it is full of opportunities to generate money even in new ways than in the past.

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