How to publish a book without a publishing house and earn money?

Have you ever dreamed of Writing a Book and maybe Climbing the Sales Charts? Today it is no longer a forbidden dream and perhaps you also know someone who has self-published a novel or a manual. The effort remains to write and transform a blank page into a more or less long time, but today it has become much easier to pass from a Manuscript to the Library. In this article, I want to describe the steps to do it and maybe even Earn with a Book.

Exciting with words or simply transferring complex concepts is a skill of a few.

However, today it is very easy to become a writer and publish a book.

Amazon and e-books have completely changed the publishing industry and although fewer and fewer books are being sold today, more and more are being published.

Once it was almost impossible because if you wanted to write a book you needed a publishing house.

Being noticed was very difficult and the publication was reserved for a few.

The promotion was also different, it was handled by the publishing houses and entrusted to traditional means.

Today the Internet has changed the rules.

Today anyone can create content, blog, write on youtube, publish courses, guides and even publish a book without the need for a publishing house.

Mind you, there are still publishing houses and it still has great value to publish with a publishing house, but it is not impossible to achieve success even as an independent.

It is not at all obvious and even if you decide to self-publish, you cannot ignore quality, and success is never taken for granted.

In any case, in this article, I want to give you some advice for the various phases that make up the creation of an editorial project, which does not end with writing and which can also allow you to make money with a book.

In this article

  • # 1 – Write a Book
  • # 2 – Editing the Book
  • # 3 – Sign up for a Kindle Direct Publishing account
  • # 4 – Format the Book
  • # 5 – Design a Cover
  • # 6 – Upload the Book and define a Price
  • # 7 – Launch and promote the Book
  • You can Earn with a Book

# 1 – Write a Book

The hardest part of publishing a book, be it a manual or a novel, is writing the book.

Writing a book is not a simple exercise and each writer has his method to arrive at the final product.

Starting with a blank page can be anxious, and if you are not a veteran of writing it is something new you have to deal with.

One of the tips I’ve heard over and over again is to make writing a habit.

Some write early in the morning, others at night, but if you want to write a book you have to write.

I appreciate the contents not the length of the books, which perhaps repeat the same concept for pages and pages.

However, don’t forget that a book must consist of a certain number of words.

So once you have chosen the topic or conceived the story, think about how to structure it and then choose several words with which to compose your work.

Therefore, give yourself a timetable for the preparation of the book and accordingly choose how many words to write each day.

Find a time of day to indulge in this activity and start writing right away trying to turn it into a daily routine.

# 2 – Editing the Book

Once the book is finished, you will have to correct it, fix it and edit it and then publish it.

Before publishing it, I recommend that you ask friends, relatives, or just acquaintances to read the book.

The grammar, the form, the pleasantness, and the smoothness of a story are essential if you want to avoid your book ending up dusty on the shelves or worse still being used as a doorstop.

You will therefore need to collect as many opinions as possible before publication.

You can delegate this activity to a professional.

This will make the final product of higher quality but will affect the costs of the initiative.

# 3 – Sign up for a Kindle Direct Publishing account

By deciding to publish your book independently, you can choose from a series of self-publishing platforms.

The most famous is certainly that of Amazon: Kindle Direct Publishing.

This platform offers many guides that will guide you towards the publication of your book.

It offers the advantage of allowing you to create your product in both print and format.

It also allows you to manage promotions, the marketing of your product and to monitor the progress of your sales over time.

In short, it is complete, easy to use and therefore it is worth focusing on it.

# 4 – Format the Book

One of the most boring aspects of publishing a book is certainly the formatting, i.e. the adaptation of your text to the paper or format.

Today it is not enough to create a paper edition of your book, but you will have to publish both a paper and a digital version of your product.

And you will have to do it professionally.

Consider that especially the creation of an is particularly delicate and can take some time.

It can also be delegated to third parties, quite easily on Fiverr or Upwork looking for specialists in formatting digital books.

# 5 – Design a Cover

Finally, to complete your work you will need to design a captivating and professional cover.

Especially in the bookstore, the cover is essential to get someone to open your book, starting to immerse themselves in reading.

I think today this phase is very simple and you don’t need professional graphic designers to make a top cover if you have a minimum of taste and skill.

All you need is a Canva account, even in the free version, to get more than the professional result.

If you want something more exclusive, you can ask a graphic designer to create it for you.

# 6 – Upload the Book and define a Price

Once everything is finalized, simply upload your book to Kindle Direct Publishing.

Publishing costs nothing and you absolutely will not have to incur any costs even for the ebook version of your book.

So publishing a book is free.

For this reason, it may be a good choice to publish your book for free for an initial period to collect reviews and perhaps position yourself among the most read books in your category on Amazon.

To define the price, look at how much the books in your category are sold, and don’t worry about choosing a price that pays off your efforts, but that can still make what is written accessible to a wide audience.

Consider that in the ebook version Amazon tends to incentivize a price under 10 Euros, while for the paper version you will have to consider the printing costs, an activity that Amazon will take care of, and of which you will bear the costs.

# 7 – Launch and promote the Book

The promotion of a book is one of the most important aspects of the success of a publishing project

The launch – the moment you publish it – is an important moment, but obviously, you can’t limit yourself to this phase if you want to sell many copies of your book.

You need to be among the bestsellers in at least your category right away and ideally, you should stay there.

This is done quite easily if you have a community and decide to give away (or offer at a very low price) the ebook version of your book for the first few days.

In return, you can get reviews that will help you position yourself as a must-read book later on.

If you don’t have a community you will have to rely on friends, relatives and in any case, you will have to promote your product trying to create interest.

You can ask specialized magazines, blogs, youtube channels for interviews or organize physical or virtual events in independent bookstores in your city or in those that still give space to independent authors.

A book can last for years.

That’s why you can do this activity continuously, not limiting yourself to the first months of the life of your sweaty masterpiece.

Many books are immortal and you just need to update them regularly to make them current and revive interest in what you produce.

You can Earn with a Book

If you read you are probably interested in knowing how much you can earn with a book.

But I want to dampen your enthusiasm.

Among all those who write books every year, very few manage to earn important figures, and many books, even by famous authors, sell very few copies.

Considering the sales prices of a few tens of euros and the printing costs, it is therefore easy to understand how to reach important figures the copies sold must be thousands.

It is not trivial and, even if there are some successful cases, there are very few books that sell so many copies and turn the writing of a book into a business.

However, I think that writing a book is absolutely an experience to do and that it can give many indirect advantages to the author.

This activity automatically elevates you to Expert, in the case of a manual.

This will help you in receiving collaboration, consulting, and training proposals.

It will also allow you to promote your businesses in a new way.

If, on the other hand, you want to write a novel, it will enrich you, allowing you to compare yourself with readers and friends in a new way.

If you made it this far, thank you and if you liked the post,  leave me a comment below!  It is very important for me to have your opinion and to know your experience.

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