How to monetize a blog – the ultimate guide

For bloggers, writing is a pleasure and a passion.

Only a few, however, manage to turn it into money.

Some bloggers think that advertising and earnings can negatively affect the perceived quality of what is written, others simply do not have the time or knowledge to manage this aspect, others believe that their contents cannot be monetized.

Many are not capable of it.

I think it is important to transform the value given to one’s readers into money. That’s why in this post I will list and keep updated the best sources to monetize your passion.

Moreover, I think that almost all blogs can be monetized, without limits, however, as demonstrated by many Italian and non-Italian super bloggers who manage to generate millionaire revenues from very popular blogs.

Monetization must come after the achievement of a stable reader base and a good quality level, essential conditions for really earning.

But let’s get to the list of the best ways to monetize your site and make money with a blog.

  • Adsense  – is the Google advertising circuit that allows you to insert advertising right from the creation of your blog and that makes you earn every time someone clicks on an advertising banner on your site, viewing the advertiser’s page. It’s okay if you have a lot of visits, otherwise, it earns you a few crumbs.
  • Affiliate Circuits – by joining an affiliate circuit such as  Zanox, Tradedoubler, Finance Ads it is possible to promote offers from many companies on the subject with the blog and which remunerate based on sales made or accesses brought from your site. Surely this is a method that allows you to turn your authority into money, even when you don’t have millions of visits.
  • Amazon affiliate program –  some companies manage their affiliate program directly and among these the most famous is Amazon which allows you to promote its entire catalog and recognizes variable commissions based on the product sector to which the product itself belongs. If you have ever talked about products that you can find in the Amazon catalog, insert a nice link to Amazon and you will earn up to 10% of what is sold. Once you find out how it works and verify the results, you will see if it works for your blog.
  • Advertising sales – when your blog reaches certain notoriety, you will constantly receive advertising offers. They can take various forms: publishing a sponsored post, a banner, promoting a campaign, or inserting a link in your articles. I don’t like to write paid posts and I think they are not appropriate because they risk distorting the genuineness of a blog; instead, I constantly evaluate advertising offers. Here it is important to prepare and have an advertising offer available for your site to be able to give possible advertisers updated traffic data on the blog, the positioning of the advertising, and the cost of each advertisement.
  • Writing a book or an e-book –  writing a blog helps you get used to writing and allows you to have a lot of material that, if systematized, can represent the useful basis for writing a book or a small manual in the form of an e-book. Usually, with a book, you do not get rich, but it is a tool that helps a lot to increase the credibility and notoriety of a blogger.
  • Participation in events as an expert – if you are an authority in a certain area you will be able to attend events, inaugurations, conferences and be reimbursed for expenses and sometimes paid for your presence by bringing your authority from the virtual world to the real one. Just recently I read an interview with Sonia Peronaci, food blogger, author, and founder of Giallo Zafferano, who left her blog to found a new one that bears her name and to monetize less with advertising and more with initiatives, events, courses.
  • Merchandising – some blogs lend themselves to the creation of gadgets such as t-shirts, mugs, covers. From some blogs, for example, those of famous fashion bloggers, clothing lines have been born that have brought an additional resource to the blogger in question. My blog does not lend itself to this type of monetization, at least until it is mainstream but maybe yours can be.

In my case How to Become Rich makes money with Adsense and the advertising of financial operators I come in contact with through Zanox.

However, I think that all forms of monetization and earning should be explored to avoid becoming dependent on a single source of income and not to nullify the inherent wealth in our writings.


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