How to Choose Suitable Contact Lenses for Your Eyes?

How to Choose Suitable Contact Lenses for Your Eyes

Do you believe that your eyesight is perfectly normal? When was the last time you visited a doctor to get an eye examination? Often people avoid visiting an ophthalmologist to examine their eyesight as they believe it is unnecessary. But as a fact, almost 70% of the total world population is affected by some of the other eye problems.

Suppose you have difficulty having a clear vision; your doctor would examine your eyesight and recommend you wear glasses or contact lenses. Clariti and some others are among the various leading brands in Australia, manufacturing silicone hydrogel contacts. When picking up a vision corrective gear, most people are likely to choose contact lenses over glasses. People assume that a pair of glasses will change their appearance, so they select contact lenses to improve their vision. But wearing contact lenses all day long can cause irritation and dryness in the eye.

Therefore, when choosing a brand for contact lenses, you need to be very careful about your decision. As you scroll down to learn more about contact lenses, you will discover many things that you might not have read before. So, stick to your screen and read this article till the end.

Key considerations to choose a contact lens

Contact lenses are divided into separate categories depending on the purpose they solve. The common ones you must have heard about are spherical lens, aspherical lens, toric lens, and a few others. Different manufacturers use types of products to manufacture the lens. Depending on what material they choose, a lens is either soft or rigid in its texture. Below, you’ll find a detailed description of factors to consider when purchasing a contact lens.

 1. What kind of lifestyle do you lead?

A contact lens is a promising vision corrective gear. It is specially designed to meet individuals’ needs. Once a person wears a contact lens correctly, it doesn’t feel like they are wearing anything. Suppose you have a more active lifestyle where you need to be physically more involved. In that case, you should probably choose contacts over glasses to avoid hindrance or irritation to manage other external gear.

2. How is your eye condition?

Contact lenses are primarily designed to correct the eye condition a person has. To understand the current condition of the eye, one must visit an ophthalmologist to get an eye examination. Depending on the state of the eye, the patient will be prescribed a specific type of lens suitable to manage the problem. A multifocal lens is ideal for improving far and near vision. At the same time, a toric lens is prescribed to manage astigmatism of the eye.

3. How much maintenance is required?

You can’t wear the same contact lens for your entire life. It would be best if you replaced them once in a while to maintain the precaution of developing an eye infection. You should consult your doctor and seek their advice on how often you would require maintenance of your lens. The doctor would also assist you in teaching how to take care of the lens to increase its longevity properly.

4. Does contact lens suit your eye?

Not every individual needs to be comfortable wearing a contact lens. Some might experience irritation, redness, itching, or excessive water discharge. Not all brands manufacture silicone hydrogel contact lenses like Clariti, which are super comfortable for your eye.

You should always explore your options before buying a contact lens if you want the best results. Seek the advice of your doctor and do your research. You can check for different options available online and book a free consultation to ensure comfortable wearing the lens.

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