Want to know how much your air conditioner repair service can cost?

As frustrating as it is, it is true that defects in electronic devices tend to show up just when we need them most. And this problem usually occurs when it’s hotter and we want to enjoy our dear and beloved air conditioning. If the air conditioner is not working or not working very well, you might want to find out how much it costs to fix an air conditioner. Keep reading if you want to know how much it costs to fix your air conditioner.

It is true that the price of repairing an air conditioning system will depend on the type of defect that the appliance has. Read on and find out how much it costs to fix for the most frequent defects.

How much does it cost to fix an air conditioner?

As with any other appliance, an air conditioning system can suffer from several types of defects that can vary in severity and complexity. Those problems that require more exhaustive repair work will have a higher cost.

Common Defects in Air Conditioning Systems:

In general, the most frequent defects are as follows:

The device does not cool the environment: This is one of the most common problems. You may have noticed that the air conditioner doesn’t work as it should or doesn’t cool down properly. This could be due to a refrigerant gas leak. In such cases, a qualified technician should be called in to better detect and repair this leak. Besides having to recharge lost gas. The price may vary depending on the type of gas and the amount that needs to be replaced.

Air conditioning drips all the time: This is also a very frequent problem. Usually due to poor installation of the appliance or a defect in the water evacuation circuit. It may be necessary to insulate the connection pipes or unclog the hose responsible for evacuating the water. In any case, it will be necessary to hire a professional.

Does not turn on: This defect is usually related to an electrical problem in the device. To solve this failure, it will be necessary to review the electrical circuit, the internal circuit, the switch or a fuse, since these elements are the ones that can produce this type of malfunction.

The air conditioner gives off bad odors: This is not usually a particularly serious problem, although it is quite unpleasant. The most common is that the bad odor is produced by a dirty filter. This way, solving this problem is usually not that complicated. For HVAC Service Click here

In addition to those mentioned, other malfunctions can produce thermostat sensor failures, obstructions in some conduit, problems with the compressor. As you can see, determining what the cause of the malfunction is can be tricky for someone who has no experience in the matter.

Price of repairing an air conditioner:

We’ve already told you about the most frequent malfunctions and perhaps you may have recognized what the problem is with your device. Below, we offer you a table with some usual prices to repair the air conditioner by specialized technicians:

The figures offered are quite general. However, it is important to point out that they can vary in relation to some aspects: such as the displacement carried out by the professional, the parts that will be necessary to replace, without forgetting the device model. It will not be the same to repair a split air conditioner as a wall air conditioner.

In any case, many of these problems can be avoided if we carry out a correct maintenance of the air conditioner. Usually this type of service includes annual inspections that usually include cleaning filters, checking connections, if there are no gas leaks, and overhauling the engine and electrical circuit.

For more information on issues related to the maintenance of air conditioning systems, you can see more details by viewing the Technical Specifications for Air Conditioning Installation, and with that, follow all good practices related to the installation and maintenance of this type of appliance.

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Price to replace an air conditioner with a new one:

It is true that on some occasions, it may be more profitable to purchase a new device than to repair the old one. If the defect is very serious and repair is very expensive, it might be more interesting to buy a new device.

In this regard, we would like to point out that the price to install an air conditioner may also vary depending on the type of appliance.

The most expensive models are usually the air conditioning models with cassette ducts, as it is necessary to carry out work to install them. But you can always opt for a split-type air conditioning system.



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