Build The Free Multi Vendor eCommerce Store Better Than CS Cart Development Company

There are various platforms and service providers like cs cart development company that claim to provide best solutions to let the user or let us say, the web store owners create an ideal free niche or a free multi vendor ecommerce store. But none of them stands true to their claim except one. Yes, it is only Sellacious, the ultimate eCommerce development platform that lets you create a b2b, b2c, c2c – niche or multi vendor ecommerce platforms at no initial cost. With this platform you get more than 5000 essential ecommerce features that let you create your own omnichannel, PWA compliant web store within just 15 minutes. Not only this, you can create a web store with the nine free UX optimal front end templates available for your ease to kick start your business.

Moreover, unlike any other platform you only get charged for the resources being utilised from the platform services. For example, if the hosting solution is provided by Sellacious when you subscribe to it, then the billed amount is equivalent to the consumption of the web space directly by the resources hosted on the website. Additionally, you get a reliable platform where you get lighting speed, robustness and uptime. The server service provided by Sellacious garauntess 99.98% uptime and unlimited bandwidth to cater any volume of audience turning up to your web store. You need not have any prior knowledge to create, operate, and maintain your web store when made using this platform.

All you need to do is get started creating your Joomla account, login to your sellacious dashboard with respective Joomla’s credential, follow the illustrative, informative, and precise documentation be the platform to start uploading product, upload variants, embed widgets( like the chat, call for action, search and filters, and many more). Categorize and sub-categorize the product and variants uploaded, create custom membership subscription plans for the vendors in multi vendor marketplace, create customized registration for various sorts of vendors and audience. You as a store admin can define staff roles and grant access permissions.

You as a store owner can create admin roles who may allow the vendors to create their own personalized rules for their mini-store. Similar to the store admin who creates the marketplace-level rules for shipment, taxes, inventory management, order status management, coupons and discounts, invoicing, packaging and delivery, return and exchange managements, reviews and rating and their approval in order to reflect them on the marketplace customer review board, and much more. You as a store owner can leverage the UX optimized and thoroughly refined front end templates and customize them your own way through the drag-and-drop enabled template editor.

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You need not have any prior development experience. Believe it or not, you absolutely are not required to possess it when working with this platform.You can enable or disable the functionalities using the enable/disable switches and can check how they function on the overall website at staging without taking them live. You can also let your store admin allow the vendors in the multi vendor marketplace to create their own rules be it in terms of the store design, the product they want to display, the coupons code they want to issue, the categories of discount rules they want to apply, the tax and shipping rates they want to imply over the product or the cart value when shipped to another country. You as a store admin or owner can definitely moderate the product, services, people/consumer reviews and rating and progressively take the actions further.

You can even moderate the rating and reviews that need to be posted on the respective product of the seller. You can also let certain subscription plans for the seller to subscribe in order to let their vendors showcase some of their exclusive services or products as features or borders. You can enable them optionally plugin in their own payment methods aligned with the one that are available via Sellacious. You can also translate the content of the whole website or application in the user’s native language to let them better interact with the product and have a relishing experience.

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