Build many eCommerce Applications with the Best Customisable Marketplace Software

There are various eCommerce applications development platforms that claim to let you create a marketplace which could be b2b, b2c, or c2c empowered following the niche or multi vendor pattern, that too, at a reasonable price. But all of them fail except one which has been trusted by thousands and has evolved with the constant critique, evolving market requirements, and usability experts. It is Sellacious – the ultimate customizable marketplace software development platform. Other platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Dokan, Sharetribe, CS-Cart, X-Cart, NopCommerce, BigCommerce, and many more, like Hikashop, Hikamart, J2 Store, and similar products to Virtuemart, don’t let you even initiate a fully-functional ecommerce application at no cost or even a minimal bare cost.

You need to subscribe to their most premium version in order to get even the smallest of small lexity. For example, the platforms like CS-Cart, Sharetribe, and NopCommerce don’t provide you any features that could be potent to host your web store live with the freemium version. There is barely anything in their freemium version which users can try their hands on and subscribe if it fits best to their needs. In fact, platforms like CS-Cart don’t even let you avail of their customer support for free. For the minimum of minimum query, you need to ask the customer support you have to mandatorily send the credit points bought from the CS-Cart itself. Such a platform will be a hell lot costlier than you might have thought of.

When speaking of the platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, you should be known and clear of the fact that you won’t get any in-built feature or support from the company itself. You have to either rely on the third-party extensions or the third-party development service providers. This will be again a cumbersome journey for sure for the ones who are new entrants to the industry and haven’t faced fraudulent scenarios. When subscribed to the third-party extension, you may find it difficult to incorporate them into your own web store and they may even hinder your web flow when integrated with other flows of your applications.

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An unnoticed situation like this when going live on the internet can leave a bad customer journey on your application and thus may not even return even to buy products or avail services from your web store. Hence a very bad user experience is delivered to the end user. When subscribing to third-party development services, the losses can be huge and at the end, you may even not find anyone to address the issue from the service provider’s side. If availed through any unknown sources without a claimed client testimony may lead you paying debts without any actual profits. You may even not have a fully functional deliverable on time. In case if there is a bug or let’s say a flaw on the live website which needs to be urgently fixed from these service providers, then due to their stringent behavior and obnoxious attitude you may lose out a tremendous number of leads in the meantime it gets rectified.

When it comes to having a reliable e commerce application that could be also a customisable marketplace software then only Sellacious not only overshadow any other platform but outcast them out of the league of claiming to be a web store builder. This platform has more than 5000 essential eCommerce features which could let you create a PWA compliant, omnichannel model-based- b2b, b2c, c2c – niche or multi vendor marketplace at no initial cost.

Yes, you get it absolutely free. Also, you get highly usable and customisable nine front-end templates which you could avail to kick start your journey. Also, not only this, you can easily enable to disable the features through the easy-to-use switches and test the overall performance and e2e flow on the staging environment. You also get reasonable hosting solutions when subscribed to this platform. You can avail the development services from the in-house core development team at a reasonable cost. Reach out to the 24×7, 365 days available customer support to mention your grievance, get customer solutions, or get solutions built for at no cost charged.

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