4 Custom Planners You Can Easily Make With Google Drive

Google has created one of the most versatile platforms. Beyond helping you to search for content, it has calendar features to make your planning easier. The platform will help you to escape the use of sticky notes and paper diaries, bringing your activities to life.

4 Custom Planners You Can Easily Make With Google Drive


Google Drive is free. All the planning features you get deliver efficient organization at no cost. The planners can be shared across other platforms, enabling you to create a seamless organizational experience. Get college paper for sale to help you utilize your time learning some of the great features to improve your productivity online.

Google Drive is preferred for planning because of the live updates. It allows you to create reminders that you can send to other platforms to avoid a last-minute rush. Google Drive is user-friendly and flexible to enhance your experience.

Here are some of the planners you can create using Google Drive.

1. Daily Planner

The planner works like the old-school timetable. It helps you to identify the activities and the time scheduled for each. You can identify priorities by tagging the activities. You also slot your activities with 30-minutes precision. It allows you to include even the most minor activities in your schedule.

The process of creating a timetable is simple and seamless. It feels like inserting a table on MS Word. Once you enter the activities on the table, it goes live. You can now share the activity to other platforms or create a reminder directly on the drive.

Google Drive comes with a color code. It allows you to identify priority activities as well as clarify your activities as official, family, personal, urgent, and such other categories. You can also add a note on each activity and even share the link with a third party. It allows you to collaborate on the activity in real-time through Google Drive.

The planner can be shared across platforms. For instance, you can send it on messenger without distorting its content. Enjoy the customization potential of your planner using Google Drive.

2. Route Planner

Do you want to have a preview of your next trip? Google Drive has My Maps to help you plan. The route planner is more effective than any notebook or sketched map you might decide to use. It gives you an accurate route that will make traveling stress-free.

You begin planning your route at New>More>Google My Maps. The map allows you to mark the key areas like meeting points, hotels you have booked, restaurants you want to try, and destinations you will visit. On each of these destinations, you can attach notes indicating your interest. It makes traveling easier and seamless since you have all the details of the trip and where you would like to spend your time.

The route planner is easy to create because of the natural interface. It is quick and does not require any special skills. The map is live, enabling you to identify the places without a doubt. You may also add a few photos you have taken onto the route. Further, you can share the route across platforms for collaboration. It makes traveling easy and especially predictable.

3. Event Planner

What are you planning? It is a birthday? Graduation? Holiday? Company event? Google Drive is your ultimate planning partner. It offers a chance to personalize the calendar and includes the events close to you. You only need to insert a table and you will be halfway through creating the event planner.

Google allows you to use chat tools and live commenting features to update everyone about your event. You can also attach notes and images onto the calendar, helping to enrich your event. The events can be shared across Google and into other platforms. It also allows you to collaborate with Spreadsheet tools to create a budget for your event. A Google Form for RSVP will make the event easier to organize.

4. Hobby Planner

What would you like to do for personal entertainment? Swimming? Athletics? Cycling? Google Drive has an instinctive hobby planner. You can incorporate the dates and times for these events to make them easier to follow.

Google Drive comes with inexhaustible features. Such features make good topics to write about innovation and other research topics in college. Use these features to enhance your college and daily experience at no cost.

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