Which Dozer Brand to choose for your Project

Dozers are one of the most commonly used earthmoving machines in the industry today, but they’ve been around for over a century.

During construction there is a need to move huge amounts of soil, earth and other materials, that is why Bulldozers were originally.

When you’re choosing a dozer for your project there are a lot of things but you have to consider before making the final decision.

One such important decision is about which brand you need to bye in order to successfully complete the project. When you are choosing a brand and you have to consider things like the hydraulics, the safety, the undercarriage and the size of the machine. You also have to make sure the equipment you choose is safe for the job that you have planned. Well, there are a lot of brands out there that have successfully launched bulldozers into the industry and a lot of them are able to successfully complete the jobs that they are built for but some brands stand out even among the best of the best. These are the brands that are the leading manufacturers of bulldozers in construction industry these days.

John Deere dozers

In construction industry John Deere is a well known and established brand, when you are working with a John Deere equipment you do not have to worry about the performance of the machine. They’re not only a leading brand in the industry but they also have a huge range off John Deere dozers some of which are considered to be the best in the world. The power range of John Deere dozers can be anywhere between 70 to 335 HP, and the capacity they have is between 7 to 35 tons and they are able to operate perfectly well in the aforementioned weight range.  With John Deere dozers You are sure to have both excellent control of the machine as well as stability while you’re working on your project. Would different John Deere dozers you can have a range of different specifications Some of them have automatic load sensing whereas others have dynamic breaking and power management systems these combinations are able to give the operator maximum security as well as insurance. This way when they are working they’re able to deliver the best job no matter what the surface is like.

Komatsu dozers

This brand needs no introduction in the construction industry, they are considered to be a leader when it comes to the production of quality bulldozers.  not only are they manufacturing outstanding dozers but they are also able to offer a power range that is between 43 to 1150 horsepower.  komatsu dozers have a weight range of somewhere between 4 to 150 ton, and they are able to operate perfectly well within these ranges.

With a Komatsu dozer you will not only be able to complete your smaller jobs but will also be able to tackle any heavy-duty jobs that your project may require.

One specification that makes Komatsu dozers stand out is the pushing blade that they have installed on the front, And the claw set installed at the back of the machine. This specification helps increase the productivity of the machines because due to the dual functionality that the claw and the blade provide machine is less time to complete the task at hand.

Not only will you have this advantage with a Komatsu dozer but you will also be able just select from a range of blades that Komatsu offers, these include the pat, Sigma dozer, angle dozer as well as the semi-U. This way you will be able to tackle any kind of workload, you will also have increased stability due to the enhanced tracks that’s part of the models. These tracks on some Komatsu dozers are able to provide stability Even on rough terrains. They also work well and improving the center of gravity off these dozers.

Caterpillar dozers

Caterpillar is a leading manufacturer of construction equipment, not only has it proved itself to be reliable in any work condition but has also proved itself to be invaluable and durable. You can find a range of dozers offered by Caterpillar both small and large, each of them is built to tackle different work conditions. The larger dozers have over 310 horsepower and are able to work extremely well under duress. The features on Caterpillar machines includes elevated sprockets, they help in increasing the productivity of the machines as well as helps in making the maintenance much more easier. These specifications are also able to reduce the downtime of the machine due to the modular components and the machines are able to work to the best of their capacity. With the smaller cat dozer you can use the speed end versatility offered by the machine to finish your project much more quickly than you would have otherwise. Smaller cat dozers Are much more maneuverable and you can easily transport them to the site. You can easily find cat dozers for sale online or otherwise since they are so popular in the industry and rightly so, with cat dozers you can do all sorts of residential construction tasks. A smaller dozer can perform tasks like clearing the land, backfilling and doing the final grade work, the bigger dozers can be used in the construction off bigger projects.

Before you choose on a dozer for your project carefully consider the needs of your project, all of these brands are the best in the industry for a reason but you still have to be smart with the choices you make when buying heavy equipment.

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