Where Will Android TVs Be in 1 Year From Now?

Most of you have at least noticed by somehow the recent development in the Television industry that the tv that you used to watch earlier is already goon so for that technology, quality, picture quality, prices all have changed so for with best innovations and this development will not stop for today or tomorrow and it still keeps on going for a good reason.

Most have noticed the development and most might have no clue about the recent development in the industry, let me just give you a simple hint about what’s going on in the market.

 Your regular In-plane switching displays are provided with natural color filters called quantum dots which contain natural three-color nano-particles which enhance the picture quality and filter the blue light.

  1920*1080 numbers of pixels than Full HD was the maximum that you could have got when you bought your tv but now the resolution has revolved that 3840*2160 numbers of pixels that 4K quality pictures you can get in your new TV and this have become a new normal.

 Maximum connections that you could give to your old TV were a USB, AV cable and an Aux cable, rarely an HDMI cable if you bought a costly high-end TV but know there are no such limitations, there are enough ports to connect every device in your home.

The most and the trending is android, yes TVs have become android TV many LED TV manufacturers have adopted android platforms in their TVs that the operation is based on the android principle they can support some of the android applications but not all.

Indian LED TV manufacturers are one step ahead from the rest of the other brands not only cloud-based android platform they have implemented the whole experience of an android Smartphone by providing 4GB RAM,32GB ROM, Quad-Core processors with 1.9GHz clock speed, High-end graphics uff many more with highly affordable non-comparable LED TV prices.

So till now we have come up with fabulous technology and just imagine what could we expect from the same manufacturer in coming years, 4K might have doubled and all the mentioned specs will definitely double in numbers. Moreover Smart TVs are getting Smart as a Smartphone and Indian LED TV manufacturers are with best affordable prices.

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