What to watch out for when purchasing Argyle Pink Diamonds as an investment

What to watch out for when purchasing Argyle Pink Diamonds as an investment

Pink diamonds were no longer mined when the Argyle mine in Western Australia was forced to close for good in November 2020, putting an end to the supply of these stones. 

There was never a better moment to buy a commodity such as pink diamond jewellery because you are about to see an increase in inflated pricing due to increased demand brought on by the depletion of the resource. 

Consequently, the resource’s exhaustion means that you will witness a spike in inflated prices. You’ll need the pertinent knowledge whether you’re a clever investor and have expertise with rare commodities like Argyle pink diamonds or you’re simply interested in learning more about this natural geological occurrence. 

Either way, you won’t be able to go on without it. When deciding where to place your money, there are a lot of crucial considerations to take into account. However, when grading pink diamonds, there are a few things to keep in mind. The origin of the material should come first. It is common knowledge among those who work in the field of gemology that pink diamonds extracted from the Argyle mine are of the highest quality and bear a price tag that is often twice as high as that of a similar diamond mined anywhere else. In light of this, it is indispensable to quickly and definitively confirm its place of origin before purchasing a pink diamond.

Understanding diamond grades

The so-called “4 Cs” of diamond grading are colour, clarity, carat weight, and cut, and many consumers are already aware of these characteristics. Although each of these factors has a role in determining the value of any diamond, one aspect, in particular, significantly impacts the value of pink diamonds. When thinking about a pink diamond, colour is the most crucial aspect to consider, and it is also a primary component in how customers make their purchasing decisions. Pink diamonds may come in a wide variety of colours, ranging from very light pink to a very dark red and everything in between; however, the more vibrant shades are the ones most sought. As a characteristic of a stone, you may break down the colour into three primary qualities, which, when combined, form the colour grade of a diamond.


The colour of diamonds is a significant factor in establishing their value. Even if a white stone has better clarity or a more elaborate cut, stones of a particular colour are still more likely to fetch a greater price than stones that are white. It is true even when comparing stones of the same size and shape. There are many different shades of pink that you can find within the realm of Argyle pink diamonds, and each of these shades is recognized and valued depending on how uncommon it is. 

Look at a real-world scenario while keeping the preceding information in mind. If you look up at the colour chart, you can see that there is a diamond that is labelled 1PP. It indicates that it has an intensity rating of “1,” which stands for “Very Intense,” as well as a colour of “Purplish Pink,” which makes this a costly stone. In another instance, the diamond with the identification number 5PR has a colour of pink rose and an intensity of medium light. Insisting on a pink diamond purchase is, without a doubt, the most critical decision you can make while looking for one, regardless of the specific physical qualities of the stone you end up purchasing.

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