What to do on your plain simple wall?


Are you looking for wall decor ideas that will give life to your space? Those empty walls need to be filled with unique designs and make a house feel like a home. If you’re ready to turn those stark bare walls into a masterpiece then keep reading this article. No matter, your taste but there are tons of tricks that can amp your walls and bring out the best. Whether you’re an art collector or nature enthusiast there are tons of ideas in this article. Sometimes people like to be surrounded by things like books. Well, there are more than 27 wall decor ideas that will go through some of the best ones. Let’s dive straight into the designs.

Importance of wall decoration design

One of the best types of design is oversized painting or photograph, which will grab everyone’s attention and set the tone in a small space. Try to black and white photo which will give you a simple and sweet look but won’t be on your face. This will also be a vibrant and abstract piece. This type of design is one of the best wall decor ideas. The second best idea is to curate a gallery wall this is very simple but tells a lot about your personality. Display a collection of art or photographs or add tons of wall hanging you like will make your wall unique. Also, cohesive frames or bringing an array of variations to mix thing ups will be the best.

The third type incorporates the accent wall. This when you want to go bold you should try out bright and bold paint and create an accent wall. A pattern that might repeat itself and will give a unique look to the wall. This type of decorative accent can give a big impact on small spaces. Another one is to showcase a fabric on the wall. A tapestry or wall hanging can be very popping, and color pattern plays a big role in it. This is one of the vintage ideas, but still, it works very beautifully. There are very easier to move than let’s say another idea we talked about. The fifth one would be hand small mirrors which have some design into them. When these mirrors will reflect light in a small space it will feel bigger and brighter.

Sometimes people try to hang oversized mirrors, which is also good and gives a good style edge. Six one is installing of shelving. If you are running out of floor space for bookshelves well you to start putting the book on the wall and install the floating shelves which will give a very good look and one can also put small sculptures or some odd things like flower put or small clock. These are some of the best wall decor ideas that help you more.

Last words: These are very few but one of the best design ideas you can go for. Sometimes people like to put the planted wall or putting the big tree on that wall and open-top but the idea which is mention are the best and effective and there is something of everyone.

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