What should you know before buying cricket assets?

Buying cricket assets is one of the best investments one can make. Usually, there are two types of memorabilia buyers. The first one is usually the one who buys for nostalgic and emotional reasons like cricket balls signed by favorite childhood players and the other one is an investor who has a substantial collection. 

The memorabilia market is vast and if you are thinking of taking your collection to another notch or adding another memorabilia to your investment portfolio, then here are some tips that you must keep in mind-

Don’t get emotionally attached to your investments- The most important thing to figure out if you are buying digital cricket assets is the reason behind the investment. If you are buying it for investment purposes, then do not get emotionally attached to the stuff and buy it with the purpose that it’s value is going to increase. But if you are a collector, then go with your heart and buy something that you genuinely love.

Buy from an authentic place-  Another thumb rule of buying cricket collectibles is to buy from a place that is authentic and reputed. If you are investing such a huge amount, it becomes absolutely necessary to take care of authenticity and it is always worth it to deal with an expert. Hence, do your research and then move ahead.

Go with the tried and true- It is always a good idea to buy the big names in the sports as the value will increase over time and will also add up in the value of your collection.

The law of supply and demand in effect- If there is a limited number of a particular product, then the value will be more in the course of time. For example, there will be no signed memorabilia of Yashpal Sharma.Hence, invest in things which would have demand but less or no supply in future.

Prices fluctuate- The value of cricket collectibles moves up and down with the prices. It is also dependent on how the market is performing in a specific country. But there are other factors that also determine the prices, for example if a player has won a championship then the memorabilias prices might go up.

 But because of the times we are in, it’s becoming more difficult to actually have them in real life and as the years pass by fewer items are available. But Rario, an Indian tech platform, got it covered for you. Rario is a cricket fans’ club, where lovers of the sport can collect, trade and play with collectibles ranging from player cards to video moments to cricket artefacts. This would mean that you can now be part of the selected few people who can own these cricket collectibles digitally.

Rario has teamed up with the biggest leagues and players in the world to convert these epic highlights into ‘Moments’ that you can collect & cherish forever.The moments are carefully curated by cricket experts & analysts, making sure that cricket fans have the most heart-thumping, adrenaline pumping moments to collect & showcase. Each officially licensed digital collectible will have a unique serial number and unique identification, powered by Non Fungible Token (NFT) technology. 

The cricket collectibles market is just not vast but also dynamic and very unpredictable. But the passion for the collection of these cricket memorabilia is undoubtedly very exciting. So,if you are planning to buy any sports memorabilia, keep in mind the above tips.

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