What Are The Best Ways To Treat Acne?

Acne is known to be the most common skin problem among males and females of all ages. It is certainly not true that acne is just for teens who have or are about to hit puberty. But you can treat acne in different ways. It can often appear as an outbreak of pimples not only on the face but on the chest, neck, and shoulders as well.

Generally, acne occurs when the skin pores get clogged with dirt, oil, or dead skin cells. However, it can be treated in several ways. You have to find which treatment is good and suitable for your skin.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best treatments for acne removal in Dubai so that you can get rid of all the pimples and the scars they produce.

Some Effective Ways to Treat Acne

Usually, a pimple goes away after a few days, but if acne is appearing in the form of an outbreak then it is something to be worried about. Not treating severe acne on time can result in the formation of unpleasant scars.

Therefore, it is necessary to get your acne treated by consulting with an expert dermatologist. Mentioned below are some of the possible treatments for acne.

  • Use of topical treatments
  • Use of chemical peels
  • Using laser skin resurfacing

Use of Topical Treatments

Topical treatment is basically useful for mild or moderate acne. Different creams, ointments, or gels are applied directly to the affected areas which not only kills bacteria but also unclogs the pores. In some cases, topical products are prescribed to be used with some oral antibiotic medications as well. It can help in getting rid of acne effectively.

Use of Chemical Peels

Another treatment that can be used to treat acne is through Chemical peels. You should consult with your dermatologist before undergoing it. It is because he will design the procedure according to your skin condition and requirements which are different for different people.

In this method, an acidic solution is applied to the affected area and left for a while. This solution kills bacteria and neutralizes acne. Moreover, it resurfaces the skin removing the dead and damaged layers of skin.

Using Laser Skin Resurfacing

The best way to treat acne is laser skin resurfacing. It fights acne like a pro and is suitable for all skin types. In this treatment, an advanced fractional CO2 laser resurfacing is used to resurface the skin and kill bacteria causing acne. No harm is done to the skin when the CO2 laser beam is bombarded on the affected area.  Instead, it stimulates the production of collagen resulting in fresh and smooth skin.


There are many treatments available to treat acne. However, you must always consult with a skin expert before selecting any procedure. Every person has a different skin type, and they should select the treatment according to their skin to avoid any side effects. It is better to treat severe acne timely before it gets worse and always avoid pressing your pimples. Visit Laser Skin Care for quality treatment.

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