5G: what it is, what it is for, 

What is 5G: what is the new mobile network for and how it works. From antennas to roofing, does it really hurt? Here’s how to get it and compatible smartphones.

5G: what it is, what it is for, 

What is 5G and what is 5g for? Is it dangerous to health? There are many questions regarding the new fifth generation of mobile connection , now increasingly implemented also  between network coverage and combatable smartphones. But how does 5G work and what changes with 4G?

5G is at the center of some important issues for users and consumers, who will soon have to choose a compatible offer and a 5G smartphone suitable for the new connection.

5G is destined to change not only our lives but is posed in all respects as the technological challenge of the future like mobilesignalsolutions. The first mobile offers , between TIM and Vodafone , WINDTRE and Iliad are already present and the first trials have already been launched in the first cities and areas with adequate coverage for a global implementation with completion expected for the next three years.

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5G: what 5G is and how 5g works

  • What is 5G, how 5G works and what changes
  • 5G: does 5G hurt and is it dangerous?
  • 5G: compatible smartphones
  • 5G: offers and tariff plans

What is 5G: how 5G works and what changes with 4G

5G redefines quality standards in terms of mobile connection : the widespread use of 4G, currently the best possible connection in terms of smartphones, is destined to give way to connectivity so different that we can use the phone like never before. ‘Now.

What changes compared to 4G? Let’s take a small example: our mobile connectivity currently depends on “cells” that make it possible to connect to the internet; here, imagine that with 4G today every single cell can transfer data equal to 1 Gbps while with 5G the capacity will be expanded to allow each single cell to sustain a speed of 20 Gbps. Put simply, 5G will be up to 20 times faster than the current existing 4G network.

5G will be able, over time, to open up opportunities never seen or imagined before, whose paths are still the result of study and experimentation today.

The Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance that brings together the best operators, researchers and sellers operating in the field of mobile telephony) has defined 5G as the new standard capable of:

  • process data of tens of megabits per second for tens of thousands of users;
  • give those who work with the internet 1 gigabit per second at the same time as other offices nearby or on the same floor;
  • offer support and guaranteed support to hundreds of thousands of wireless connections simultaneously;
  • guarantee better network coverage and efficiency, significantly enhanced compared to 4G.

Is 5G Hurting and Dangerous?

One of the issues that have taken hold most recently concerns 5G antennas , which are considered dangerous for people.

But is 5G really bad ? The answer is no , as declared by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità: a report entitled Radio frequency radiation and tumors: summary of scientific evidence denies this correlation between the onset of cancer and the use of mobile networks, including 5G.

These are conspiracy theories : no network standard, not even 4G or 3G, has led to an increase in the onset of health problems for citizens. A phenomenon that leads to the birth of real themed fake news that often find an easy following.

Google, through YouTube, has begun to remove videos that invent and spread more and more imaginative theories about 5G, also given the recent arson in the UK, especially focusing on those that link 5G to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic .

5G: how to get it and compatible smartphones

Since 5G is already widespread, there are not a few manufacturers who have started investing in the development of new models capable of supporting the new generation technology.

Apple has implemented 5G reception in all its new iPhones 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. Definitely opposite offer from Android and Huawei with a series of 5G smartphones already on the market both as regards the tops than the mid-range (such as Samsung Galaxy S21 + or Xiaomi Mi 11).

The offer in this regard is wide with models implementing 5G already present in Italy since 2019, which can be purchased at a lower price than at launch. The 5G is about to definitively redefine the production standards of the smartphone industry and every year the models available are more and more diversifying the choice between quality and price.

5G: the TIM, Vodafone, WINDTRE and Iliad offers

As we have already pointed out, Vodafone and TIM have conquered the frequencies of 5G and the completion of the first works has already switched on the new network in some of the main Italian cities.

Obviously, there is no 5G without dedicated offers : but how much do they cost? Both TIM and Vodafone have prepared a varied list, with the red operator prone a price list ranging from 16.99 to 39.99 euros per month while the blue operator offers slightly more expensive offers including starting from 29.99 euro per month (TIM Advance 5G).

Cheaper WINDTRE with the Top Quality Network which provides three different offers: Unlimited Giga with Unlimited 5G Priority Pass (29.99 euros per month), Large at 100 giga with 5G Priority Pass (16.99 euros) and Young 5G at 14, 99 euros.

Finally, Iliad is also added which offers the Flash 100 5G at 9.99 euros per month with 100 GB, minutes and SMS without limits.

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