Top Five Netflix Shows To Watch With Your Wife

There is a huge variety of shows to choose from on Netflix, but when it comes to the shows which can be watched with your wife, you really do not have a lot of options. That is why we have come up with the following list of Netflix shows which can be watched with your wife!


Voltron is an animated show which is based on the pop-culture phenomena of the same name. Watching it on any day will make you reminisce about the different Power Rangers series which used to have these big robots called Megazords. Voltron is a legendary warrior who is destined to put an end to the reign of terror of an evil tyrant known as Zarkon. It is a good show which depicts the fight between the good and the evil in a very good manner. The show has been around for eight seasons and if a report from The Next Hint is to be believed then Voltron Season 9 is not going to happen in the near future. But till the time that changes, what you can do is watch this show with your wife and both of you can have a good time while watching this show.


If you have been a fan of the extremely popular Archie’s comic books, then this is the show that you must watch at least once. The show is a rather dark and gritty take on the entire narrative of the characters and shows how paranormal activities in the town are affecting the lives of people living there. It is a fun show to watch with your wife and there is a high chance that she will hold on to you whenever a jumpscare pops up on the screen.


There is hardly anyone who does not love this show and the reason why Thirteen Reasons Why is such a hit among the masses is that it told them a gripping story which they all loved. If you want to watch something which seems innocent and romantic at first but has a deeper territory to cover, then you must go for this show. You are going to love it when you watch it with your wife.


Better Call Saul is one of those shows which understands its characters to their core and that is why they have focused so much on the chemistry between the lead pair. Saul Goodman and Kim Wexler will give you some serious couple goals if you watch this show with your wife on a lazy night. The show is not all about romance though and contains a lot of thrilling and entertaining scenes.


It is based around a couple which moves to a small town that they had purchased a long time ago. Schitt’s Creek is a good show and knows what it is doing. It takes itself seriously when it needs to and presents a plethora of crazy moments when the need for them arises and that makes it a perfect show to watch with your wife.

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