Things to know about 2022 Hyundai Accent Sedan

This is a great car from Hyundai that not only is provides ideal performance as a sedan but also is quite reasonably priced. The few aspects that you should know about are the three trims available along with their prices and certain other features that make this sedan an ideal choice for everyday driving.

You can get to know about this vehicle as well as book it when arriving at San Bernardino Hyundai dealership but like said earlier, there are things you should know about it before getting it.

Trims and their costs

As mentioned earlier, Hyundai decided to offer three variants for the 2022 Accent. The base model starts from just $17,670. If you are looking for a sedan that would help you with your regular activities and is reasonably priced, then no other vehicle is better than this option.

However, if you want to spend more and have some great features added to your automobile, then can checkout SEL version. It costs $18,928 only and comes equipped with more features than the base trim. Lastly, if you want to drive the best 2022 Accent, then Limited edition is what you should choose. It will cost you around $20,700 but will offer you all features that will make driving this vehicle daily a boon.

It depends on you as to which trim you would prefer, but experts do suggest getting the Limited edition as it is quite affordable for all and provides more than just basic features.

Powertrain and interior

The powertrain and interior are both quite nice for a car that starts from a little over $17k. Great mileage and comfort are what you will enjoy driving it. Have a look at these below.

  • Powertrain

Four-cylinder 1.6L is what powers this vehicle. It aids in making 120-hp and is mated with either a manual or automatic option along with an FWD drivetrain. This engine along with its suspension and more, provides ultimate comfort, as Accent prioritizes it over any other driving aspect. Also, its steering and stable riding ensure people don’t feel agitated when driving even for long hours.

The manual transmission models provide drivers with a fuel efficiency of 33 mpg combined and automatic 36 mpg combined. However, many tests have shown it to offer over 41 mpg combined in some cases; however, it all depends on how an individual drives it.

  • Interior

The interior looks sophisticated enough and is comfortable as well as spacious. Its rear seats offer as much legroom as some large sedans. The black interior looks classy and provides a business-like stature, which is commendable for such an affordably priced vehicle. Other aspects include Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. You can notice all of it once you consult and visit San Bernardino Hyundai dealer.

These features at such reasonable price; this is something for which critics have praised Hyundai. It is a remarkable automobile that you can buy and enjoy your regular driving. So, take a test ride and book it if you like what you see!

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