Online Strategies to Promote Your Small Business

You may find it difficult to promote your small business since you are limited in cash and resources. In the early ’90s, small businesses resorted to handing out printouts and sponsoring small local events to gain an audience. This, however, does not assure you of a large audience or a mass growth in your brand awareness.

Thanks to the Internet, your small business can reach a large audience and your brand name can spread across continents. Do you want to sell your brand across the country in a short period? If yes, this article will provide strategies on how to promote your business online. You will learn about seven online business promotion tactics that are financially convenient.

1.      Take advantage of social media

Today’s generation is obsessed with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can open a business page on one or more of these platforms and advertise your brand for free. You can even pay a subscription fee so that the social media pages advertise your business to potential customers.

These platforms provide a direct connection with your customers as well as allow you to engage with them. This can help you build and expand your brand from its startup level.

2.      Advertise your business on SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is considered to be among the best ways of attracting customers’ attention in this digitalized era. If you cannot afford a freelance SEO writer, you can learn how to write SEO content by reading books or online guides on how to write one. You should therefore include keywords, meta tags, and title tags which are necessary for lookup in a search engine.

You should put your thoughts and ideas on how to create a persuasive service description that will lead your target audience to your page. You should make sure that your language is easy and persuasive to answer your customers’ brand-related questions.

3.      Create great content

Creating great content builds your company’s brand and self-image. This will make your customers buy your products because of your interesting and creative content. You can advertise your content on your blog, social media, and SEO pages.

4.      Make use of Google ads

Google has an online business platform called Google ads that allows business operators to advertise their brand on the search engine results. When the right keywords are searched, Google will display your business at the top of the results.

This is a good and easy way to promote your small business because you are required to fill in your business details. Google will then advertise your business on search engine results. This will drive traffic to your website as well as your social media platform.

5.      Take part in online events and community

You can participate in online events and discussions on online strategies to promote your business. They are available on Zoom, Skype, Twitter space, and Instagram live. You will learn new innovative ideas that will improve your brand’s awareness and increase your target audience.

6.      Writing a press release

Your business should print a press release whenever a new product is launched, or it has newsworthy information. The power of media, whether printed or online, generates public attention to a mass number of audiences with little cost. There are various online websites that you can use to write your press release available on the Internet.

7.      Use of Multimedia platforms such as YouTube and TikTok

You can use YouTube and TikTok to post videos that promote your products. Your content, therefore, needs to be creative to attract the customers’ attention. It should also be relevant to the products that you are selling. Pinterest can also be helpful as you can post videos and photos of your products and then link back to your online website.

It should also be noted that while working on your online store, you should also manage your offline or physical store. You can do this by engaging customers after purchasing your product and receiving their feedback. You can also persuade them to follow your social media pages as well as your website to leverage your online traffic and advertise your brand to more customers.


Promoting your small business may be challenging due to limited finance and resources. Thanks to the internet, there are cheap and easy ways of promoting your small business. You can use social media, great content, Google ads, and multimedia platforms to drive traffic to your online store.

In this digitalized era, most people are interested in content that is on the Internet. That is why you should take advantage of social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

The only thing that is required of you is to be creative and innovative in your advertised content. You should also be available to engage and receive your customers’ feedback on improving your brand’s product.

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