The search for new income

The search for wealth passes from the management of personal finance and expenses, but

can not ignore the constant search for new sources of income.

This path is not easy, but it is a continuous and creative path.

Let’s make a list of my current sources of income other than my salary:

  1. interest income on various current accounts and on Zopa;
  2. dividends from equity investments and any capital gains;
  3. blog;
  4. copyright on a written book;
  5. fees for a few lessons at the university.

Some of these sources are real sources of ” passive income “, ie income that enters my pockets without any continuous effort, but is realized almost automatically after an initial investment. This is the case with the first two sources of income. The others involve a certain investment in time and money which, among other things, is often not compensated by an adequate income.

Alternative income sources currently weigh very little on my total income, but the goal must be to increase them as much as possible by favoring passive income. Currently, my assets amount to € 7.927, it generates monthly interest of € 12.84, advertising on the various open blogs generates just over € 10, and everything else has not yet generated anything in 2008.

I’ll keep tracked data, look for other sources of income (eg e.bay auctions, write an e-book, buy a house to rent) and hopefully let you know!

On the topic of passive income research, I recommend Insurance Noon a blog with brilliant and interesting ideas.

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