How to Select the Correct PMC for Your Handmade Jewellery

Valuable metal mud (PMC) is an adaptable mud that when terminated turns out to be fine silver, permitting the production of impeccable high quality adornments to be acknowledged without the requirement for costly devices. As PMC has become more well known it has developed and is currently accessible in various structures, PMC unique, PMC +, and PMC3, each having its own properties for working. In this article we investigate the functioning properties of every one of the three, with the goal that one may settle on an educated choice when buying PMC for your next high quality adornments project.

PMC Original

Comprises of approx 74% fine silver, 26% water and fastener

Generally practical of the PMC types

Have the best working properties in the dirt stage, as PMC unique is harder when dried, permitting it to be cut and engraved easily.

Should be terminated at 900 degrees Celsius for 2 hours and thusly requires furnace terminating

Terminating brings about shrinkage of 28%, which could be utilized to advantage, for instance getting fine detail in a little appeal

Just accessible in earth structure

Might be more fragile as it creates a somewhat more permeable final result


Comprises of approx 90% fine silver, 10% water and cover

More costly than unique

Drying time is faster in the mud stage contrasted with unique

Have more limited terminating times; 900 degrees Celsius for 10 mins.

Can be terminated at lower temperatures, subsequently one can coordinate glass pieces into a plan and fire together.

The decrease in the measure of cover, and the expanded consistency of the silver particles in PMC+ brings about a more grounded finished result than PMC unique

Accessible as mud; sheet; glue; needle


Comprises of approx 90% fine silver, 10% water and fastener

Generally costly of the silver PMCs

Likewise dries rapidly in the mud stage, and can be tacky so apparatuses and hands require great oil

Can be light terminated, so no compelling reason to put resources into a furnace

Can be terminated at even lower temperatures permitting the consideration of some regular gemstones

Regardless of lower terminating temperatures, PMC3 stays as thick and as solid as PMC+

The lower terminating plan permits authentic silver components to be joined into the plan without the requirement for fastening.

Accessible as dirt; glue; needle; sheet

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