The Best Crystals That Are Beautiful And Enchanted With Healing Properties!

Did you come across a post of your favorite celebrity holding a precious stone as they meditate or a house tour that has a specific place for stones and crystals?, From fashion couture to celebrities; these can be found in almost every house that knows their versatility.

These are not just some rare stones used as jewelry stones or that enhance the beauty of the place. They are known as natural healers that align the body’s chakras, relieve stress, and give new horizons of belief to the wearer. 

The healing crystal gift sets are becoming a warmer embrace in the households because they are more appreciated for their spiritual power, positive radiance, and remittance of healing energy since historic times. They are found deep under river beds, sandy shores, or mountain depths. Since they are borne and plucked from nature’s womb, they are precious. 

They possess innumerable cosmic powers, so here we are, discovering some of the famous stones and the associated narratives:


  • The Amethyst is a purple gemstone whose color ranges from light lilac to a deep purple. 
  • Amethyst is known to cleanse and detoxify the blood, respiratory and upset stomach. 
  • The stone is known to have a calming effect, and by placing it under the pillow, one can experience sober and fulfilling dreams. 
  • By placing the Chakras on the middle of the forehead, one can relieve headaches and dizziness. 


  • They come in a wide variety of natural colors like blue, lilac, pink, yellow, and dark shades. 
  • Agate is known to ease both the respiratory and cardiovascular systems and the intestinal and stomach linings.
  • Agate has been known to protect our souls for centuries. They protect the wearer from bad dreams, stress, and anxiety issues.
  • Placing the fire Agate at the base of the spine or stomach can soothe the intestinal chakras by unblocking and healing them. 


  • The Amazonite is light green or turquoise in color and is striped with pale cream and grey swirls.
  • In ancient times, the Amazonites were collected from their mines in the mountains of Gebel Hafafit on the Red Sea.  
  • It is believed to have soothing effects. They remove negative energies and allow the flow of positivity. 
  • Just by placing this gemstone over your heart, you can unblock and realign the Heart Chakras. 


  • Opals found in the caves of Kenya and Ethiopia are exotic rainbow-colored gems, which could be translucent, transparent, or opaque.
  • Opals are just like their appearance, which inspires creativity, inventiveness, and self-expression. It’s also linked with love and lust. 
  • The stone regulates insulin in the body and helps to detoxify and boost the liver. 
  • The Australian Opal Jewellery is becoming widely famous all over the world. Since they are huge and thrice the size of the diamond, they are loved by modern brides.

Precious Stones have invoked positive emotions in a human being. From the ancient middle ages to the modern era, these stones have proved widely beneficial for aligning chakras and possessing enormous healing benefits.

The crystal gift sets and boxes are totally the good vibe for someone you care about. This festive season, we recommend you give love and healing instead of just chocolates to enhance their holiday seasons. The treasures pampering gift boxes in Australia with crystal infused candles, artisan smudge sticks and essential oil cleansing mists, come in essentially beautiful boxes that add a touch of luxury and care, making it a perfect gift set for you!

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